Occupation: Multnomah County Adult Care Home Program Manager

Occupational Background: Administrator/Manager

Educational Background: Portland State University, Bachelor of Science with Teaching Certificate 1971; Portland Community College, Associate Degree, Social Science 1969

Prior Governmental Experience: Missoula County Board of Commissioners; Montana State House of Representatives and State Senate; City of Portland Police Advisory Committee

Bob Palmer was born and raised in Portland. He attended local schools and after graduation served four years in the Marine Corps receiving an honorable discharge in 1965. He has been married to Mary Palmer for thirty-three years and lived in the Mt. Tabor area for 15 years.

Bob Palmer was selected as one of the twenty-five Outstanding Graduates at Portland Community College’s 25th Anniversary Celebration in 1986.

Bob Palmer has a long history of making tough decisions with a proven record of accomplishment. Today as program manager he is responsible for ensuring that adult care homes in Multnomah County are properly licensed and provide quality care to the county’s elderly and disabled. As a county commissioner he was responsible for a $22,000,000 budget and 450 employees.

Bob Palmer believes:

  • In Portland Community College.
  • In preparing students to flourish in a diverse world and global economy.
  • In making PCC the first choice for district youth.

Bob Palmer supports:

  • Strengthening ties with its diverse community by fostering stronger partnerships with community, business, education, government, industry and labor organizations.
  • Upgrading the SE Center into a full-service facility offering university transfer courses associate degree programs and professional-technical career training.
  • Establishing Student housing options.

“Hi, my name is Bob Palmer. I am running for the Portland Community College Board of Directors. I am asking for your vote on March 13th.

(This information furnished by Bob Palmer for PCC Board of Directors)