Occupation: Assistant Professor of Manufacturing Engineering; Registered Professional Engineer

Occupational Background: Process Engineer, Wacker Siltronic Corp. (1997-1999); Process Engineer, Precision Castparts Corp. (1984-1997)

Educational Background: Ph.D., Colorado School of Mines; M.S., Oregon Graduate Center; B.S., Cornell University

Prior Governmental Experience: none

It’s time for a change. PCC needs strong, progressive leadership (not bureaucrats) to keep up with high-tech industry growth and the corresponding demand for workforce development. PCC’s biggest challenges and opportunities are the continuing enrollment increases, and the selection of a new college president.

My experience as a professor and as an engineer will add practical expertise to the PCC Board. The priorities of the college should be to:

  • provide students with cutting edge technology skills, to get the high paid, high-tech jobs that local employers can’t fill,
  • continue campus re-tooling, to stay relevant and competitive in the new economy,
  • train experienced workers with 21st century computer and web-based skills,
  • deliver a strong liberal arts education for students who want to advance to our upper division colleges and grad schools.

My wife, Susanne, and I are members of the Bicycle Transportation Alliance, the Red Lizard Running Club and the Cascade Paragliding Club. We love living in Southeast Portland (with our new baby Cecilia) and want to help make it a better place.

I look forward to serving on the PCC Board of Directors.

Endorsed by:

—Asian American Foundation

—Real People for Real Change

(This information furnished by Patrick Ferro)


Occupation: Business Owner - Health & Fitness Services

Occupational Background: Conference planning & management consultant; Education lobbyist; Campaign manager; Legislative assistant; Program coordinator, Oregon Health & Mental Health Divisions

Educational Background: Lewis & Clark College, B.S.; Portland Community College, Fitness Technology

Prior Governmental Experience: Portland Community College Board of Directors, 1985-present; Oregon Liquor Control Commission; Governor’s Council on Alcohol & Drug Abuse Programs

Re-Elect DANA ANDERSON to the Portland Community College Board


  • PCC Board member for 16 years - 3 terms as board chair
  • Presidential search committee - Portland Community College
  • President, Oregon Community College Association
  • Howard Cherry Award - Oregon’s Outstanding Community College Board Member
  • Leadership award, National Association of Community College Trustees
  • President, Schools for the City

PCC is a leading partner in building strong communities - providing education and training to the growing and increasingly diverse public. This is a time of rapid growth and change at Portland Community College. Challenges and opportunities face the college: Recent passage of the bond measure which provides the means to build capacity, upgrade technology and repair buildings; and the change in leadership with retirement of the current president at the end of the school year.

In such times, experienced and effective board leadership is especially important to the success of the college in meeting its mission - to offer the highest quality programs and services while remaining affordable and accessible for the people of the district. The challenge to the board will be to provide sure vision and direction, establish clear goals and hold the college accountable to the community. DANA ANDERSON has the experience and proven leadership for the job.

• Endorsed by PCC Faculty Federation •

“I will work to ensure that PCC continues to be the best value in education for our communities.”



(This information furnished by Dana Anderson)