Occupation: Retired - and part time Instructor, Water Technology, Clackamas Community College.

Occupational Background: Retired, 32 years in public health, 27 of those years with the Oregon Health Division, the last 14 years with the drinking water protection program.

Educational Background: Albany High School. Oregon State University, B.S. Science.

Prior Governmental Experience: Appointed - Powell Valley Road Water District, budget committee, 2 years a chairperson; Elected, Commissioner, position #5, 1993, 1997.

I have lived in the Water District at the same address for 33 years. I believe the District is well managed and serves it’s customers well. Rate increases have been kept to a minimum in spite of increased cost to the District. Elected officials have an obligation to listen to and understand the concern of it’s citizens. The District Board has always been open to input from it’s customers and will continue to do so. I welcome the opportunity to use my experience to give back to the community.

(This information furnished by John W. Huffman)