Occupation: Homemaker; School and Community Volunteer

Occupational Background: Librarian, Investor Relations Specialist, and Policy Writer, Portland General Electric (1977-1987); Riverdale School positions: P.T.C. Secretary (1991-92), P.T.C. Vice President (1992-93), Garden Tour Co-Chairman (1994, 1996), Foundation Board (1994-97), Budget Committee (1995-97), Metropolitan Family Service Board (1995-2000).

Educational Background: Bachelor of Arts, University of California at Davis, March 1976. Graduated Magna Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa with a department citation of academic excellence in English Literature. Master of Arts in Library Science, University of Washington, August 1977. Graduated Cum Laude.

Prior Governmental Experience: Riverdale School Board, 1997-present.

Thirteen years ago my family and I moved to the Dunthorpe area because of the excellent reputation of the Riverdale School district. With three children to educate, I was pleased to find a small, independent, community-supported school with high academic standards, low teacher-pupil ratios, and art and music programs.

Riverdale has faced many challenges since then, and I have taken an active role in ensuring that the district remains independent and outstanding. Both the grade school and the high school have experienced significant increases in enrollment in the past four years, and state school funding has decreased annually. The Riverdale Schools Foundation has worked tirelessly to raise the budget shortfall created by declining state funding. Community financial support coupled with the successful Local Option levy passed last November has allowed the Board to maintain the quality of education our children enjoy.

Securing a permanent site for our high school has been a daunting task. We have pursued many options and finally, in January, signed an agreement with Portland Public Schools to purchase the Collins View School and lease the land for twenty years with three ten year renewal options. We have also entered into an agreement with Lewis and Clark College to provide playing and practice fields for Riverdale High School athletics. This deal represents a true spirit of cooperation among institutions and will give our high school a home in which to grow and prosper.

(This information furnished by Barbara N. Chalmers)