Centennial School District #28-302 JT
Director, Zone #6

Corbett School District 39JT
Director, Position #3
Director, Position #5

David Douglas School District #40
Director, Position #1
Director, Position #2
Director, Position #6

Gresham-Barlow School District #10JT
Director, Postion 3, Zone 2
Director, Postion 4, At-large

Lake Oswego School District #57JT
Director, Position 2

Parkrose School District #3
Director, Position 1
Director, Position 4
Director, Position 5

Portland School District #1JT
Director, Zone 4
Director, Zone 5
Director, Zone 6

Reynolds School District #7
Director, Position 4

Riverdale School District #51-315JT
Director, Position 1
Director, Position 5

Mt. Hood Community College
Director, Zone 1
Director, Zone 2
Director, Zone 4

Portland Community College
Director, Zone 3
Director, Zone 4
Director, Zone 5

Multnomah Education Service District
Director, Position 2, At-Large
Director, Position 1, Zone 5
Director, Position 3, Zone 2
Director, Position 4, Zone 4

Powell Valley Road Water District
Commissioner, Position 1
Commissioner, Position 2
Commissioner, Position 5

Rural Fire Protection District #30JT
Director, Position 3

Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue
Director, Position 1

Scappoose R.F.P.D.
Five-Year Local Option Tax For Equipment & Personnel

This voters' pamphlet contains candidate information for several districts. Some of the districts in the pamphlet will not be on your ballot because the pamphlet is designed for a large geographic area. You may find districts on your ballot that are not in the pamphlet because not all candidates submitted material.

  • Your BALLOT includes everything you are eligible to vote on in this election.
  • Telephone assistance for the hearing impaired to call our office is:
  • 1-800-735-2900.
  • INDEPENDENT LIVING RESOURCES provides audio-tapes of this pamphlet for those that are sight-impaired or blind: 503-232-7411.
  • Check our Web page for the voters' pamphlet, election results and other information:
  • Voted Ballots MUST be received by 8:00 P.M., March 13th, 2001 to be counted.
  • If you have any questions, call: 503-988-3720.

Vicki K. Ervin, Director of Elections