• Measure 26-72 (City of Gresham)

    Dear Multnomah County Voter:

    The March 8, 2005 Special Election is here, and there are a few things you should know:

    • Voted ballots MUST be received at our office or drop site location by 8:00 PM, TUESDAY, MARCH 8, 2005 to be counted.
    • This Voters’ Pamphlet is on our website. Our website also includes helpful information such as links to other election and media sites: www.mcelections.org
    • At 8:00 PM on election night we will have election results posted on our website and we will update that site throughout the evening.
    • If a ballot was delivered to your residence for someone who should no longer be receiving a ballot at your address, please write “RETURN” on the envelope and place it back in your mailbox. If a ballot was sent to someone who is deceased, please write “DECEASED” on the envelope and place it back in your mailbox.
    • If you make a mistake or change your mind while marking your ballot, you may request a replacement ballot from the Elections Office. If there is not enough time before the election to receive AND return a replacement ballot, you may make your changes on the ballot but it is critical that you make your choice obvious because election workers will inspect each ballot to make sure voter intent is understood and the ballot is counted correctly.
    • If you lose your ballot, accidentally destroy it, or did not receive a ballot and you are a registered voter,
    • please let us know immediately so we may issue a replacement ballot in time for you to vote.
      • Telephone assistance for the hearing impaired to call our office is: 1-800-735-2900 (TTY) or 711.
      • INDEPENDENT LIVING RESOURCES provides audio tapes of this pamphlet for those who are sightimpaired
      • or blind: 503-232-7411 (Voice) or 503-232-8408 (TTY)
      • Language assistance is available by calling 503-988-3720.
      • Bipartisan assistance is available in our office. For such assistance in your home, please call our office and allow ample time for us to respond.
      • Multnomah County Elections provides two handicapped parking spaces at 1040 SE Morrison. Please call to make advance arrangements for curbside assistance.

    If you have any questions, you can contact our office at: 503-988-3720 or fax 503-988-3719.


    John Kauffman
    Director of Elections

    PLEASE NOTE: Multnomah County Elections prints information as submitted. We do not correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, syntax, errors or inaccurate information.