OCCUPATION: Consultant

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Consulting, Business Owner, Engineer

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Corbett High School, BS IE Oregon State University, University of Portland


We have an opportunity with a new Water District Manager and the low interest funding already secured to surge forward with many of the planned projects that will significantly improve service to the customer.

Although there are technical difficulties yet to be ironed out, such as filter pond #2 still being off line, inconsistent data logging, and the retirement of reservoir #1, I am confident that the district can be 100% in the upcoming two years.

I know that service outages have frustrated customers in the recent years, but the timely implementation of plans and funding already in place will provide the consistent service that we all want.

My background in automated systems, process control and business will provide a positive resource in understanding and solving both technical and management problems.

Having grown up with reservoir #4 smack in the middle of our property, I have gained a long term appreciation of Corbett Water District's effort to provide better water from the tap than most people get from bottles with fancy labels.

Let's keep our good water! Thank you for your vote.

(This information furnished by Victor Schmidt)

The above information has not been verified for accuracy by Multnomah County.