OCCUPATION: Retired Training Manager; Minister

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Certification and Testing Specialist, Xerox; Service Training Manager, Tektronix; Marketing Consultant; Instructor Trainer, US Navy

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Portland Community College, Associates Degree requirements for Business Management, Vocational Education, Electronics Engineering Technology; University of Guam, Electronics Engineering; US Navy, Electonics Technician Radar A and C Schools; Concordia Parish Trade School, Radio and Television Electronics


Since having moved to Corbett in 1999, I've been a satisfied customer of the Corbett Water District and have seen a few ups and downs within the district. I've seen the district workers endure harsh winter conditions and uneasy managerial and political changes to keep our service constant. But I know that change is necessary in any business if it is to provide its customers with a continuing high level of service and utility.

As a utility provider, the Corbett Water District is a business and should be operated as such. Service must be maintained at a high level to insure customer satisfaction, incorporating new technologies, methodologies, preventive and corrective maintenance, research, and planning for future service and growth (yes, growth). At the same time, the business must be managed for the benefit of its customer base, employees, and community.

I pledge to do my best to educate myself and others to the business requirements of the Corbett Water District; to help lead it into the future that will better serve customers, the community, and the employees that serve us so well.


(This information furnished by Earcel “Sonny” Boyd)

The above information has not been verified for accuracy by Multnomah County.