OCCUPATION: Co-Chair, Portland School Board

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Marketing Director; Management and Communications for Businesses and Non-Profits.


PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Portland School Board Member; Legislative Assistant, US Congress

SCHOOL LEADERSHIP: Board Member, Portland School Board (2003-present), Co-Chair 2005-2007; Board Member, statewide Oregon School Boards Association; Ex-Officio Board Member, Portland Schools Foundation; former Vice President, Community and Parents for Public Schools; former Co-founder, HOPE (Help Out Public Education); former PTA President, Site Council Co-Chair, Foundation Board Member: classroom volunteer.

FAMILY: Barrett Stambler (husband); sons Jamey, Dillon.

Bobbie Regan … An effective, passionate leader for our schools

“Bobbie's leadership has helped move Portland Public Schools through turbulent times to a place of stability and hope.”

-Doug Wells, Parent Activist

-Sam Adams, Portland City Commissioner

-Sho Dozono, Owner, Azumano Travel

-John Whisler, Co-owner, Kitchen Kaboodle

Leadership Counts! As a school board member, Bobbie has:

  • Ensured strong leadership focused on supporting teachers and students in schools.
  • Raised graduation requirements and increased supports for students who struggle or need acceleration. Achievement scores in math and reading rose the past two years.
  • Worked tirelessly to ensure public support for PPS, stable funding and stronger statewide partnerships.
  • Worked to manage health-care costs and address excess building capacity, targeting funds to the classroom. Hired performance auditor to ensure operational efficiency.

“As a parent, Bobbie's focus on the classroom never waivers.”

- Portland parents Pamela Echeverio, Mike Roach, Otto Schell

Teachers & Principals Support Bobbie!

“Bobbie is a tireless advocate for kids, schools and our community.”

--Retired Principals Rose Bond, Vonnie Condon

“Bobbie's in schools often. She supports and respects our work.”

- Portland Teachers Anne Hasson, Debra Lande

We also endorse Bobbie: Stand for Children; For Our Children's Future, State Treasurer Randall Edwards; Governor Barbara Roberts; State Senators Avel Gordly & Kate Brown; Multnomah County Commissioner Jeff Cogen; Portland City Commissioner Randy Leonard; Judy Peppler; Steffeni Mendoza Gray; Dr. Jim Davis; Scott Bailey; and many more.


(This information furnished by Bobbie Regan)

The above information has not been verified for accuracy by Multnomah County.