OCCUPATION: Regional Collection Manager - Community Loans of America (Paid); Owner – Dan's Fishin Mission Adventures (Paid); Board Member – Credit Association of Portland (Unpaid)

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Branch Manager – Fidelity Collection Service (Paid); Marketing Executive – Bonded Credit Co. (Paid)

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Columbia High School – Graduated 1988; Mt. Hood Community College – Graduated 1991; Warner Pacific College – 1991-1993


A life long resident of East Multnomah County, who actively participates in my children's school and extra-curricular activities. I coach both basketball and soccer through the YMCA and Reynolds Youth Soccer Association, respectively. With young children in the district I want to play a role in the decision making process that will affect the quality of education within Reynolds School District.

(This information furnished by Danny C. Kreamier Jr.)

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OCCUPATION: None/retired

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Retired Teacher/Counselor Portland Public Schools '68-‘02

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Willamette University BA '68; Portland State MS ‘86

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Reynolds School Board – 9 yrs.

Having lived in our diverse Reynolds' community for 31 years, I have seen our school district develop from a 6,000 student, one high school district through a two high school program to today's nearly 11,000 student population with the state's largest high school. My 34 years of experience as a Portland Public School high school teacher and then counselor demonstrates my sincere interest and commitment to public education and to our most important asset, students. I am involved with Reynolds School Board because of this continued interest and feel that my experience with and knowledge of the workings of public education can benefit our students, our dedicated, hard working employees and our district patrons. I am proud of the existing programs in our district and would like the opportunity to continue being part of the exciting growth in east county. The future challenge to provide quality literacy programs, ELL programs and academic/social/athletic opportunities for Reynolds' students should remain at the forefront of our community development and planning. I am willing and capable of contributing to this goal. Thank you.

(This information furnished by Claudette Naylor)

The above information has not been verified for accuracy by Multnomah County.