OCCUPATION: Contractor.

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Owner/Operations Manager, Brian Clopton Excavating, Inc.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: No formal college education.

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Board of Directors for Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue (1988-2007).

Through eight years of service on the Board of Directors for Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue (TVF&R), Brian Clopton has championed smart financial management, excellent customer service, and “small town” connections between fire stations and their communities. Looking forward, his experience in the construction industry will provide the Board of Directors with practical expertise as it fulfills commitments made to voters to modernize TVF&R's fire stations and apparatus.

As a successful local business owner, Brian Clopton brings a “no excuses” focus on service and financial management to his role on the Board of Directors. He built a successful company by investing with a long-term view, encouraging commitment and pride from employees, and consistently exceeding the expectations of his customers. He strongly supports a similar focus at TVF&R.

As a life-long resident of the fire district, Brian Clopton has seen housing and employment growth increase demand for critical public services. He also watched small city and rural fire departments work together to create TVF&R, a regional fire district. While an advocate for the financial and operational efficiencies of a regional provider, Brian's deep local roots cause him to strongly support maintaining “small-town” connections between fire stations and the communities they serve.

With thirty year's of experience in the construction industry, Brian Clopton is uniquely qualified to work with the Board of Directors to ensure TVF&R meets the commitments of the $77.5 million bond voters approved in November 2006. Brian's first-hand experience with project management, financing, and contractor relations will be invaluable as the board helps ensure that 15 projects are completed within budget and in a timely manner.

Keep Brian Clopton on the TVF&R Board of Directors. He has the skills to help shape the District's future and the experience to retain important traditions from its past.


(This information furnished by Brian Clopton)

The above information has not been verified for accuracy by Multnomah County.