Occupation: Portland City Commissioner (second term)

Occupational Background: Vice-President, Home Builders Association of Metropolitan Portland; Oregon Lodging Association; small business owner.

Educational Background: Studies toward Masters in Public Administration, Lewis and Clark College; B.A., University of Virginia.

Prior Governmental Experience: Current President, League of Oregon Cities.

Charlie Hales......City Hall Reformer
Charlie brings new ideas and reform to City Hall. It was his initiative to hold evening City Council meetings at City Hall and in the neighborhoods. This lets ordinary citizens, not just lobbyists and lawyers, be a part of their own government.

Charlie Hales......Champion of our Parks
Charlie led the last successful campaign to improve, repair and enrich our Parks. 114 park improvement projects across the city were approved. Green spaces were preserved, bathrooms and walkways fixed, play equipment made safer, sports fields added and new Community Centers opened in East and Southwest Portland.

Charlie Hales......Fighter for Schools and Children
Charlie, father of three Portland Public School children, knows first-hand how important it is to have great schools. Charlie successfully led the fight for city support and funding to all the city's schools and districts. He fought in Salem for state funding and worked hard for expanded community after-school activities.

Charlie Hales......Advocate for Neighborhoods
Charlie is a neighborhood activist and former president of his Neighborhood Association. That's why Charlie fought for adding 200 police officers and for increasing community policing and other amenities in our neighborhoods.

Charlie Hales......Transportation Innovator
Charlie is working to give Portlanders more transportation choices. He is the leader in building light rail to the airport and in promoting neighborhood streetcars, better sidewalks and bike paths, and improved ways for us to move about our city.

Portland Police Association
Portland Association of Teachers
Oregon League of Conservation Voters
Sierra Club
Joint Council of Teamsters #37
Multnomah County Democratic Central Committee


(This information furnished by Hales 2000)


Occupation: Small business owner

Occupational Background: Former owner, community newspaper; co-owner, local radio station; non-commissioned officer, U.S. Army.

Educational Background: Diploma, Lake Roosevelt High School in Coulee Dam, Washington on the Colville Indian Reservation.

Prior Governmental Experience: Board member, North Portland Business Association; Member, Interstate Urban Renewal Advisory Committee; Past Board Member, St. Johns Business Boosters.

Ted Piccolo Listens.
His Opponent Doesn't.

• ENOUGH! LACK OF ACCOUNTABILITY: City Hall is "asleep at the city's helm" and "taxpayers are getting fleeced," Oregonian, 3/16/00. From lack of oversight at the PDC, police bureau and 911 center to the possible Superfund listing of our neglected harbor, Commissioner Hales is AWOL. Ted Piccolo will end the "free lunch" at City Hall.

• ENOUGH! SKYROCKETING FEES & TAXES: Rising water/sewer, land use, building and license fees plague Portland residents. But the incumbent, Charlie Hales, isn't listening. He's led the charge to increase them. Ted Piccolo will freeze them.

• ENOUGH! SECRET DEAL GIVEAWAYS: Hales approved the agreement to subsidize a private firm's use of Civic Stadium, while unknown to the public, the company already stood to make a big profit. Ted Piccolo will toss out Charlie's rubber stamp for insiders.

• ENOUGH! TAX BREAKS FOR DEVELOPERS: Hales spearheaded tax breaks for developers to build high density housing in our neighborhoods, housing that increases traffic, decreases your quality of life and hurts your property value. Ted Piccolo will put neighborhoods, not developers, first.

• ENOUGH! NEGLECT OF BASIC SERVICES: While our neighborhoods have to beg to fill a pothole, have a car towed or get a stop sign, Hales neglects his core management responsibilities. Ted Piccolo will lead the Council back to basics.

Sorry, Charlie ... 8 Years is Enough!


(This information furnished by Friends of Ted Piccolo)