Occupation: Executive Assistant to Sheriff Dan Noelle

Occupational Background: Teacher, Centennial; Police Officer.

Educational Background: Masters' Degree, PSU; Bachelor's Degree, OSU.

Prior Governmental Experience: Police Officer; Teacher; Sheriff's Executive Assistant, U.S. Army veteran.

"Dan Oldham has a wealth of experience in educating young people in Multnomah County as well as working with the community as a police officer. Because Dan is not a professional politician, he will bring a new perspective to the Commission, focusing on efficiency and saving taxpayer dollars."

Dan Noelle
Multnomah County Sheriff

"The needs of mid and East Multnomah County require a commissioner with in-depth knowledge of the operations of the county and an understanding of the issues important to District #4 citizens. As Sheriff Noelle's representative to the Commission, Dan has demonstrated he can bring together diverse views and the leadership to move difficult projects to successful completion."

Rob Fussell
East County Economic
Development Leader

"Because of his community involvement during the 24 years he has lived in mid-East Multnomah County, Dan Oldham is acutely aware of the difficulties in attracting the attention of the Commission on economic development, strategic investment, public safety and infrastructure needs. We need Dan's leadership on the Commission."

Ron Pennington
Community Activist

Dan Oldham knows from his experience as a teacher the importance of education in assuring that our children have a productive life. And, as a former police officer, he knows the importance of public safety in our communities.

Sheriff Noelle brought Dan Oldham back into law enforcement in 1995. As the sheriff's executive assistant, he led the effort to increase community participation in siting jail facilities and improve law enforcement response in East Multnomah County. He has established a reputation for efficiency and wise use of taxpayer dollars.

Because Dan Oldham is not a professional politician, a vote for him will be a vote for new leadership with a fresh perspective on the Commission.

(This information furnished by Committee to Elect Dan Oldham County Commissioner)


Occupation: Full time community activist

Occupational Background: Adult foster care provider - 11 yrs.

Educational Background: David Douglas H.S. graduate Portland, Oregon

Prior Governmental Experience: None

I am a single mother living in East Multnomah County since 1959, Oregon's Celebration Centennial Year, and believe Oregonians should have a CHOICE. I have never, nor do I ever plan to be a member of the Socialist Party. Bev Stein cannot truthfully say this?

Why doesn't Bev Stein's Certificate of Oath of Office indicate that she swears to God she will uphold our United States Constitution as do the other commissioners' certificates?

Are you aware that your local governors have declared our beautiful state a `laboratory'? We were created FREE, not to be test animals. Ask them about the Oregon Progress Board? I vehemently oppose:

OUT OF CONTROL IMMIGRATION is immensely effecting the quality of life of every American!!! Is it right to give immigrants food stamps, 1-3% interest loans on homes, businesses, yet tell natural born Americans they do not qualify???!!!

NO NEW PRISONS! Eliminate mandatory minimum sentences! If the current system was working, we would not need more prisons! Free our children!

• Abolish Video Poker!

• Ask the Children!!! Are they being taught about their inalienable God given rights secured by the Bill of Rights, or that their rights are privileged gifts from `the government'?

What county business is conducted in EXECUTIVE SESSIONS? Isn't the County business conducted behind those closed doors of concern to ALL Citizens? They will not tell?

As a Fully Informed Jury Association Activists, I will be honored to represent East Multnomah County as your County Commissioner for District 4, and do hereby PROMISE AND ATTEST THAT I WILL UPHOLD THE OREGON AND THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION!

Is your neighbor, son, daughter registered to vote? IMPLORE THEM TO REGISTER and vote!!!

Contact: Committee to Elect Dianna Joyce Roberts
Manager Ruth Fredrich: 255-7455 or 970-6090
c/o 465 N.E. 181st, #464, Portland, Oregon 97230

(This information furnished by Dianna Joyce Roberts)


Occupation: Semi-retired

Occupational Background: Oregon State Representative - 18 years, driver sales 24 years

Educational Background: Masters of Business Administration Marylhurst College

Prior Governmental Experience: State Representative Oregon Legislature


Lonnie supports higher standards for students and sufficient resources to prepare our teachers as mandated in the Oregon Education Reform Act. Class sizes must be manageable with greater teacher control. LONNIE will provide the leadership necessary for Multnomah County to achieve Oregon Education Reform.

We must be aware of issues which allow recouping state allocated funds.

• Include home schools in planning.
• Early intervention for children with learning difficulties.
• Early detection of "at risk" children.
• Lonnie has volunteered for many years in the SMART program for beginning school children.


LONNIE wants to maintain County Sheriff law enforcement positions to guarantee adequate police services and protection for all home and business owners, seniors and students. LONNIE promises to work for the completion of adequate jail space as directed by the voters in 1996 and to continue the drug and alcohol program begun by Commissioner Sharron Kelley.


LONNIE is senior sensitive and will work to simplify the requirements, the communication process and the procedures placed upon seniors when they require county services, such as transportation, emergency services and health care.

• We must maintain access to good transportation systems including busses and light rail.

• Emergency services/Sheriff's Dept./Fire Dept. and Ambulance Services require Strong Commission support.

• LONNIE opposes the unfair Stormwater Management fees, which many citizens do not use. It creates hardships for everyone, especially our senior citizens.

• Bob Skipper/Former Multnomah County Sheriff
• John Bunnell/Former Multnomah County Sheriff
• Portland Firefighters Association
• Cletus B. Moore, Jr., Mt. Hood Community College Board Member
• Laurie Ernstrom, Principal, Centennial School District
• Ed Golobay, Former Chair & Current Centennial School Board Member
• Elsie Chiodo, Gresham Resident
• Dr. Frank And Jeanne Card, East County Business Owners
• Carole Murdock, East County Activist

(This information furnished by Roberts for County Commissioner Committee, Joan Roberts, Treasurer)


Occupation: Pastor, State Senator

Occupational Background: Pastor; State Representative; State Senator

Educational Background: Doctorate of Ministries; Masters; Bachelors

Prior Governmental Experience: State Representative 1992-1998; Oregon State Senator 1998-2000; Vice-Chair Senate Human Services committee; Vice-Chair House Committee on Human Resources and Education; Hunger Relief Task Force.


A Voice for the Forgotten Communities of East Multnomah County

From supporting the elimination of storm-water fees to the law allowing east Multnomah County to form its own government, Frank Shields has always been a strong voice for Oregonians.

"Frank is great problem-solver, and is passionate and clear about representing a broad-base of community interests." - Sharon Wylie, former State Representative


• increased transportation options for seniors and people with disabilities;
• abused children's receiving center;
• after-school programs for youth such as Rockwood PAL;
• continued funding for Gresham holding facility.


• supporting our libraries;
• fair funding for East County schools;
• better integration between county-funded mental health and substance abuse services;
• funding public safety programs that bring results.

"Frank has the vision, knowledge and savvy to create a healthier Multnomah County." _ Maye Thompson, President, District One Oregon Nurses Association


• Fighting for increased school funding and smaller classrooms.
• Supports child-safety locks on guns.
• Supports computer access for all students.


• Supports maintaining County Senior Services.
• Defender of Oregon Project Independence, helping seniors stay in their own homes.
• "Outstanding Legislator of the Year 1999," Oregon State Council of Senior Citizens.


• Advocate for family wage jobs.
• Established a homeless family program providing shelter to over 2,000 women and children.
• Co-founder of Sunnyside Community Church dinner, serving 100,000 free meals without tax dollars.
• Supports tax credits for childcare, seniors, and college.

(This information furnished by Friends of Frank Shields)