OCCUPATION: Bookkeeper. Job Experience has given me in-depth knowledge to manage worthwhile community projects while keeping a steady hand on the financial reins. I have worked as a bookkeeper for the last ten years. Earlier I was a purchasing and shipping agent and project manager. A gallery and art show organizer and resident artist.

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: I have been active in community projects. I am Chair, Mt. Scott-Arleta Neighborhood Association, emeritus board member; emeritus Charter member and emeritus board member of the Gem County Historical Society Museum; and a founding member of the Gem County Historical Museum.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Emmett Idaho High School, graduated in 1977


As an Independent candidate, I am taking no public money for my campaign and will not be indebted to any faction.

I've lived in the Northwest all my adult life and know well the problems and opportunities this area provides. I come from a small town in Idaho where I graduated high school in 1977. Our family has traditionally taken an active part in the political life of the community. My late grandfather served in the Idaho state senate. His concern for the needs of the poor, under-educated, and oppressed were topics of ongoing discussion in our family that engaged my interest in my early years and influence my beliefs today.

I believe it is time for a new day in Portland. As a member of the City Council, to bring a unique combination of creative ideas, practical management skills, informed by compassion. I will listen to all sides of issues and take an equitable approach towards budgeting and spending, particularly with regard to the needs of the poor, unemployed, and the homeless. I will also strive to make Portland , a business-friendly city through better rules and regulations which govern them. I will draw upon the political wisdom provided to me in my youth and my own lifelong studies of the political process to make Portland a better place.


(This information furnished by Walt Nichols for Portland City Council)

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