OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Assistant to President, Portland State University; campaign finance reform advisor, Oregon Secretary of State; co-founder, Blue Oregon & Oregon Bus Project-engaging more citizens in grassroots democracy.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: PSU—B.S., Master of Public Administration

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: U.S. Army Reserves; Oregon Army National Guard; Vice-Chair, Democratic Party of Oregon; District Assistant, Congressman Earl Blumenauer.

PERSONAL: Jesse and his wife, Molly, live in Lents.

Put Portlanders Back to Work

“The first college graduate in his family, Jesse understands the real meaning of money, how to prioritize our taxes and has a plan to create jobs.” Laura Mesplay, Owner, Lolo's Barbershop

Jesse is the only candidate with a detailed economic plan:

  • Transfer city funds into locally owned community banks investing in Portland.
  • Create a Neighborhood Business Development Fund.
  • Waive permit fees for energy conservation improvements.
  • Reduce fees for Portland's small business owners.
  • Spend Taxpayer Money Wisely

Jesse opposes using taxpayer money for a soccer stadium. We need the city to make hard choices and stretch our budget.

  • An avid cyclist, Jesse knows it's wrong to take $20 million from sewer ratepayers already suffering from 95% increases this decade to pay for bike improvements.
  • It's time to review Children's Levy expenditures to find out why it's serving fewer children despite increased staff and budget.

Improve Public Safety

Jesse served three years as a Reserve Sheriff's Deputy and eight years in Oregon's Army National Guard. He'll bring experience and much needed leadership so we can have much tougher oversight and accountability of our police.

“Jesse was invaluable in pursuing campaign finance reform and protecting voters' rights. I will always be grateful for his superb work.” Bill Bradbury


NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon Choice Action Team Greenlight
Joint Council of Teamsters #37

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