OCCUPATION: Small Business Owner, Mountain Top Stone Masonry

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Founder Organic Farmers Market NW Portland; Publisher Local Political Newspaper-The Rooster: An Independent Voice; Board Member NW Neighborhood Association

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: BA United States Political History-UCLA 1982; BS Economics-University of Oregon 1987

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Candidate California State Assembly; Paid Internship Congressman Pete McCloskey; Paid Internship Congressman Roy Dyson

Put People to Work

Localize the economy with livable wage jobs for people living in Portland

Build a solid foundation for the future

Localize our food source with urban agriculture in and around the City. We should work together to bring affordable fresh healthy produce to diverse neighborhoods throughout the city, with brown fields turned into green fields and vacant lots into gardens. Let us reclaim underutilized land, produce food, put people to work, create community and rejuvenate neighborhoods.

Localize our cultural economy with art and cultural centers in diverse neighborhoods across the city, designed and built by local architects and craftsmen. A home for artisans, craftsmen, performers and freemen to express themselves and make a living.

Localize our energy source with local companies using local labor to install solar panels on roof tops across the city, doing energy efficient upgrades on older buildings, building electric rail and electric cars powered by clean energy.

Localize our manufacturing base by buying and producing what we consume here, spending our local tax dollars here and investing our pension money here. Use our creative/entrepreneurial forces to develop new green product industries manufactured by and for Portland and beyond.

Localize our tax dollars with the City and PDC spending our money to train and hire people from the neighborhoods. Invest in local companies and projects with workforce and community benefits agreements.

Sustainability is the localization of economy, culture and decision making.

Let us create the city we imagine
Let us create the city we dream it can be
Let us create with your hands and my hands together you and me


(This information furnished by Spencer Burton)

The above information has not been verified for accuracy by Multnomah County