OCCUPATION: Metro Auditor

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Certified Internal Auditor; Three years experience auditing Metro government; Sixteen years auditing Multnomah County government

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Masters in Urban Planning, Portland State University; BA, Social Sciences, Portland State University

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Current Metro Auditor; Multnomah County Auditor; Deputy Multnomah County Auditor; Senior Management Auditor, Multnomah County; Management Analyst, Marion County; Oregon State Parole/Probation Officer

Suzanne Flynn grew up in Southern Oregon and moved to Portland to attend college. She and her husband, Tom Ryan, live in SE Portland and have two children. Both children attended Portland Public Schools and Suzanne was active in supporting schools.

Suzanne Flynn has been an auditing professional for twenty years. She is skilled at using the audit process to improve government. She served two terms as the elected auditor for Multnomah County and has been the Metro Auditor since 2007.

As the Metro Auditor, Suzanne Flynn has created a highly respected office of auditing professionals. She conducted important audits that have increased the efficiency, effectiveness and accountability of Metro programs and services. In the past three years she has:

• Conducted audits that examined Metro's ability to successfully manage bond measure programs to achieve the maximum benefit for tax dollars.

• Audited how well Metro was using funds to improve the region's sustainability.

• Examined Metro's internal business operations to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

• Started an ethics line for employees and Metro residents to report waste and abuse anonymously.

Suzanne Flynn is a Certified Internal Auditor and has a Masters in Urban Planning from Portland State University . Suzanne is a leader nationally. Audits under her direction have received many awards for excellence from the Association for Local Government Auditors.


(This information furnished by Suzanne Flynn)

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