OCCUPATION: Full Time Geography and Criminal Justice College Professor at Mt. Hood Community College; Part Time Geography College Professor at Portland State University; Part Time Political Science College Professor at the University of Portland

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Graduate Teaching Assistant at Portland State University and the University of Oregon; Director Senior Adult Learning Center at Portland State University; Portland Police Officer; Fred Meyer Retail Clerk

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Ph.D. in Urban Studies from Portland State University; MA in Geography from the University of Oregon; BS in Geography and Political Science from the University of Oregon; Approximately 2 years of classes in Criminal Justice at Portland Community College

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Troutdale City Council 1-2003 to 12-2006

Greetings! I would be honored to be your METRO Councilor in Position #1.

Why vote for me?

I have extensive educational experience in areas relevant to METRO and I often teach classes in topics related to METRO.

I have lived in the Portland Area all of my life and know its issues and people very well.

I have previous government experience as both a Portland police officer and a Troutdale City Councilor.

I know that we need to better express the needs of our part of the metropolitan area within METRO.

I love this place and I want to preserve the things that make the Portland area special while trying to limit our intrusions into people's personal property rights.

I want to make METRO and TRIMET more accountable to the public.

I have decided not to seek endorsements from any politicians or special interest groups and I will not take monetary donations from anyone other than individuals and then no more than $50 per person.

I have high ethical standards and will work hard to represent the voters of my district to the best of my abilities.

Please vote for me this coming May!

(This information furnished by Christopher Gorsek)

The above information has not been verified for accuracy by Multnomah County.