OCCUPATION: Oregon AFL-CIO Political Director

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Portland Business Alliance, Congressman Peter DeFazio, Multnomah County, Worksystems, Inc.


PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Mt. Hood Community College Board of Education, Oregon Volunteers, Oregon Progress Board.

Delivering Jobs for East County
Standing Up for the Middle Class

The decisions at Metro have a big impact on our jobs, our neighborhoods and our future. All too often, the needs of East County are last in line.

As our new Metro Councilor, Duke Shepard will be the strong voice we need for East County.

Duke isn't a politician. He's an advocate who's rolled up his sleeves, brought jobs to our community, stood up for middle class families, and made government accountable.

  • Duke helped bring Microchip Inc. to Gresham in 2001, ensuring local residents got first priority for hundreds of new jobs.
  • On the Mount Hood Community College Board, Duke is delivering job training for laid-off Oregonians, and quality education that prepares young people for the worldwide economy.
  • Duke led a voter approved initiative to increase Oregon 's minimum wage.
  • Demanding accountability and transparency, Duke helped develop Oregon's first performance measures for state agencies.

We're With Duke!

Unions like the Columbia Pacific Building Trades Council, United Food and Commercial Workers Local 555 ; business leaders like Fred and Ann Sanchez, Dave Shields and Fred Bruning support Duke - because Duke stands up for hard-working middle class families and knows how to bring jobs to our community.

The Oregon League of Conservation Voters supports Duke because he'll protect our clean air, clean water and quality of life.

And leaders like Congressman Peter DeFazio, John Kitzhaber, Oregon Attorney General John Kroger, former Gresham Police Chief Carla Piluso, and Lonnie Roberts support Duke because they know Duke has the integrity, commitment and record of results to make Metro work better for East county.



(This information furnished by Duke Shepard)

The above information has not been verified for accuracy by Multnomah County.