OCCUPATION: Metro Councilor, Deputy Council President

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Milwaukie City Council (2004-2007); Collette Communications (1999-2007); Northwest Power Planning Council (1984-1998); RAIN Magazine, editor (1979-1983)


PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Clackamas Community College Board of Education (current, chair 2009); Oregon Zoo Foundation Board; Zoo Bond Steering Committee; Lake Oswego Streetcar Steering Committee, Co-chair; Creative Advocacy Network, Co-Chair; Clackamas County Coordinating Committee (co-chair 2007)

I was appointed to Metro in 2007 and elected in 2008, winning more than 70% of the vote. In 2009, my colleagues unanimously elected me Deputy Council President and chair of the Joint Policy Advisory Committee on Transportation, which oversees transportation projects in the region. These are two of the most influential positions at Metro.

The “Oregonian” (2/15/10) called me “one of the region's biggest heroes” for the “heaviest political lifting” on the recently negotiated Urban and Rural Reserves Process. I'm committed to building cooperation within our region so we can revitalize and maintain our existing communities and preserve farms and forests outside our urban growth boundary.

My priorities include securing funding for natural areas restoration, working with communities to create vibrant downtowns and neighborhoods, and investing Metro's limited resources in ways that help create local jobs.

I am uniquely qualified to serve our region and my district.
     I'm the only Metro councilor with elected local government experience.
     I worked 14 years with a four-state, multijurisdictional government developing complex natural resource and infrastructure policies.
     I've created and implemented public involvement strategies on major transportation projects across Oregon . For more information:

Endorsed by:

Oregon League of Conservation Voters
Former Oregon Governor Barbara Roberts
Senator Martha Schrader
Representative Dave Hunt
Representative Carolyn Tomei
Metro Council President David Bragdon
Deborah Kafoury, Multnomah County Commissioner
Lynn Peterson, Chair Clackamas County Commission
Ann Lininger, Clackamas County Commissioner
Michael Houck, Greenspaces Advocate
Oregon Arts & Culture Policital Action Committee (ARTPAC)
Jewel Lansing, Author
Mayor Alice Norris, Oregon City
Judie Hammerstad, Former Lake Oswego Mayor


(This information furnished by Carlotta Collette)

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