OCCUPATION: Community Advocate

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Chief of Staff, Office of Portland Mayor Katz; Director, Oregon House Democratic Campaign Committee; Assistant, Congressman DeFazio; Dishwasher, Mr. Steak

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Portland State; University of Oregon, B.A.


COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Board Member Cascade Aids Project; Portland Oregon Visitor Association; Innovation Partnership

Sam Adams for City Council:
There is a difference.

What’s Different: Sam Adams Helped Create and Save Hundreds of Portland Jobs

Sam rolled up his sleeves to bring in and keep Portland employers including: Banfield, The Pet Hospital; Direct Marketing Solutions, Ampere Electric, Thortex, and others.

“We are moving our company and 100 jobs to Portland because Sam got personally involved. He absolutely made it happen.”
Kathy and David Walker, Thortex, manufacturers

And Endorsed by UFCW Local 555

What’s Different: Sam Adams Saved Hundreds of Teachers and the Full School Year

Time and again over the last decade, when Portland’s public schools faced state legislative cuts, Sam Adams was there, helping lead while others talked.

“Sam understands kids desperately need good teachers and a full school year. He didn’t care about credit: he just quietly and effectively helped deliver school funding.”
Jane Ames, Pamela Echeverio, Nancy Hamilton, Parent Leaders

Endorsed, Portland Association of Teachers

What’s Different: Sam Adams Cut $30 Million in City Government Waste and Red Tape

Sam cut City bureaucracy and red tape, cleaning up some of the most nagging complaints about doing business with the City.

“What’s impressive about [Sam Adams’] plan…[is] that it calls for constant vigilance…pruning of the regulatory overgrowth.”
Oregonian 8/13/02

What’s Different: Sam Adams is Helping Clean Up the Willamette
Sam Helped create the Portland River Trust, which is speeding clean up of the Willamette River.

Endorsed, Oregon League of Conservation Voters And Sierra Club

Learn more about Sam, his personal story and his hundreds of supporters from every corner of Portland.

Elect someone we know can put Portland back on track.
Sam Adams for Portland City Council.

(This information furnished by Sam Adams for City Council)



OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Defending employees against illegal firing and discrimination; helping non-profits and small businesses succeed.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Northeastern University Law School; Harvard College.

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Portland Public Schools Childcare Task Force; Vice-Chair, Housing Authority of Portland.

Community Activist: Campaign for Equal Justice; Raised thousands for PSU scholarships; Organizer, “Flight for Freedom”

Personal: Nick and his family live in Northeast Portland


“Nick gets real results for the community. I admire his energy and dedication, and proudly support him for
Portland City Council.”
Governor Barbara Roberts

Nick will increase and improve before- and after-school childcare for working families, and he’ll partner businesses with schools to give kids real-world experience.

“With a daughter in Portland public schools, education isn’t a campaign issue for Nick, it’s a personal commitment!”
Mike Roach, Parent activist and Small Business Owner

With 17 years of business experience, Nick has the know-how to help the city create jobs.

“Nick will cut the red tape and support local businesses, so we can provide good jobs with benefits.”
Sho Dozono, Owner, Azumano Travel
Ken Turner, Eastside Business Leader

When Portland’s Women’s Crisis Line nearly folded, Nick helped the organization get running again. No one will fight harder for safe, thriving neighborhoods and to end gang violence.

“Nick Fish is the only candidate we trust to create a safer, stronger Portland. Nick gets it.”
Portland Firefighters Association

Fiascos like PGE Park have cost Portland millions. Nick will ensure citizens have a voice in how taxpayer dollars are spent.

“Nick has the right priorities. He’ll bring fiscal accountability back to the city.”
Randall Edwards, Oregon State Treasurer

Working families and trusted organizations say:
Join firefighters, union members, business and neighborhood leaders, Portland Association of Teachers, Portland Police Association, NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon,
Oregon League of Conservation Voters

“It’s time for a change at City Hall!”

(This information furnished by Nick Fish for City Council)


OCCUPATION: Software Development

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Internship Portland City Council; Manager, SQA Engineering

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Portland State University – Bachelors, Political Science; Weber State University


Jason Newell will use his knowledge of government, and his experience as a working-class family man, to protect our families, create new jobs, and build our neighborhoods. Over the last 10 years, Jason has worked in the hi-tech industry while staying active in politics (including campaigns, and internships for elected officials). Jason would like to put his energy, education, and experience to work for you. Vote Newell for a NEW Portland!

Create new jobs by helping businesses grow through tax and regulatory reform.

Sustained economic growth is not possible without jobs. With more than 270,000 small businesses in Oregon, more than 70 percent have fewer than nine employees. Creating one new job for every small business will nearly wipe out unemployment.

Create new revenue by helping businesses grow, without raising taxes.

The second largest source of revenue is the business license fee (BLF). If the BLF is based on business performance, then by supporting business growth, we can create important new revenue. Support for local businesses means a stable and stronger economy.

Insist on fiscal responsibility by living within our means and spending priorities.

Recent unnecessary proposals, such as burying a reservoir or acquiring PGE are not why we pay taxes. Where are the City’s priorities? In the 2003-2004 City budgets, 27 police bureau jobs were eliminated and 39 jobs were added to parks bureau.

Make our neighborhoods safe through support for law enforcement and citizen involvement

Each year, money needed for the Police and Fire Departments is being reduced. Without support for law enforcement, offenders are arrested and released back in out neighborhoods.

Each year, most of the 90+ neighborhood associations receive only a few hundred dollars for neighborhood projects. The budget for the Office of Neighborhood Involvement is $7,265,955! Put our resources to work in our neighborhoods, not in City Hall.


(This information furnished by Jason Newell)