OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Managing Partner; represented consumers for fifteen years in state, federal courts; Treasurer, Neighborhood-PAC 2003-present; Co-chair, Basic Rights Oregon 2002-present; Director, Veterans for Human Rights 2001-present; US Army Reserve, Major (ret’d).

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: B.A., Notre Dame; J.D., Northwestern School of Law

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Assistant, Consultant: Commissioner Saltzman 1999-2002; Chair, Neighbors West/Northwest 1988-90, Public Safety Chair, 1990-92; President, NWDA 1986-88, 2002-present; Vice-Chair, Portland Police Internal Investigations Committee 1993-94; Police Chief’s Forum 1992-93; Multnomah County Public Safety Council 1992-93.

FRANK DIXON- for efficient government

Participatory planning made Portland famous. Today, a top-down, bureaucratic approach shuts out average citizens, hampers business, and fails educational needs. Frank will push for greater efficiency. His top priorities: employment growth, and better education funding.

FRANK DIXON-for public involvement, neighborhood-friendly planning

Frank will replace confrontation with cooperation, promoting open, honest public involvement in government. We the people will shape this city again!

FRANK DIXON- for a healthy environment

Frank is a proven environmental steward, working hard for cleaner air, and keeping PDX development from damaging North and Northeast Portland.

FRANK DIXON- for community policing

Portland Police Bureau commended Frank’s involvement in the Old Town Community Policing Pilot Project. He’ll renew our community policing commitment.

“Frank has been a dedicated community advocate for decades. He has the right experience and values. He will listen to the people of this city and make city government accountable to all of us. He’s the people’s candidate.”–Bud Clark, former mayor, City of Portland.

“Frank’s entire career is about involvement and consensus-building. Voters for environmental justice, and pro-choice voters, should support him.”–State Representative Mary Nolan

Dear Neighbor,

For 25 years, I’ve fought for Portland’s special quality of life. Our community is long-sighted, unselfish; we can overcome today’s challenges with our talent, diversity, and unique spirit.

Help restore that spirit to City Council! Contact me at 503-242-3585, or

(This information furnished by Dixon For City Council)


OCCUPATION: Since 1995, I have been the Land Use Specialist at Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc., a nonprofit corporation that serves 16 neighborhood associations in southwest Portland. I also have a part-time job with Portland Parks & Recreation at the Multnomah Arts Center.

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: General practice attorney in Portland, 1978-1995.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Willamette University, J.D.; Portland State University, B.A.; Cleveland High School in Portland; Creston and Duniway elementary schools.


Prior Community Experience: President of Sellwood-Moreland Improvement League, 1993-1995.

My themes:

Let’s put less emphasis on high-profile and expensive projects. Examples are proposals for a stadium, a tram, a headquarters hotel, reservoir caps, and a revamped Memorial Coliseum. Instead, let’s start shifting attention to community projects that improve our day-to-day quality of life: sidewalks on arterials, traffic calming, safe routes to schools for our children, and community centers.

Let’s restore meaningful public involvement in the civic affairs of Portland. This means citizens have timely notice of proposals, opportunities at an early stage to participate, and opportunities to define how they will participate. It means citizen input influences decisions. Good process—of which public involvement is a component—is not an impediment to be circumvented. It’s an assurance that the conduct of public business is fair and not arbitrary.

Let’s have a public discussion about a major restructuring of city government. We’re the last major city in the United States with a commission form of government. Maybe it’s time for commissioners to concentrate on legislative duties—policy and code—and leave the running of bureaus to professionals. Maybe it’s time to elect commissioners by district to lower the cost of campaigns and encourage qualified people to run for office.

I know Portland. I was born here and, except for time away at school, have lived here all my life. My wife and I have two children and live in the Sellwood neighborhood.

For more information:

(This information furnished by Leonard Gard)


OCCUPATION: Architect.

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: American Institute of Architects, 1999-Present; Letter Carrier, USPS, 1991-96; Electrical Engineer, US Navy, 1982-90.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Catholic University of America, Washington, DC, M.Arch. and B.S.Arch.; Naval Nuclear Power and Propulsion School, Orlando, FL; West Linn H.S.

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Current Board VP, Portland Area Business Association; Portland Business Alliance; Beaumont Wilshire Neighborhood Association; National Association of Letter Carriers; 8-Year Navy Veteran.

Prior Community Experience: Habitat for Humanity; American Red Cross.


AARON…has three priorities: JOBS, JOBS and more JOBS!!

A respected member of Portland’s business community, Aaron will combine existing resources with his problem solving skills to CREATE JOBS IN 3 WAYS:
Streamline taxes and licensing to help expand our small business employment base (currently almost 85% of Portland’s workforce).
Promote expansion of Portland’s critical mass industries, such as High Tech, Advertising and Creative Services, Sportswear, and Green Technologies.
Recruit national and international businesses that are attracted by our world-renowned quality of life.

AARON…will be a tireless ADVOCATE for PUBLIC SCHOOLS!!

Aaron’s family is the product of four area school districts; Portland, David Douglas, Parkrose and West Linn. He knows first hand how good our schools used to be and he won’t rest until they’re RETURNED TO their former EXCELLENCE!!

AARON…will put the CITY back in CITY HALL!!

“Good Citizens are the Riches of a City”, Skidmore Fountain, 1888

As a third generation Portlander, Aaron knows that the strength of our City comes from the ideas of her Citizens. He will ENSURE ACCOUNTABILITY by conducting open and honest debates on every local issue. Everyone will have a voice in how the City operates. With Aaron as your Commissioner, there will be NO BACKROOM DEALS, NO FAVORITISM and above all, NO HIDDEN AGENDAS.

Join the Thousands of Fellow Portlanders who
DEMAND RESULTS from City Hall:


For endorsements and additional information, visit
Questions? Call (503) 810-9121

(This information furnished by Aaron Hall for City Hall)


OCCUPATION: Co-Director, The City Repair Project, a 501(c)3 assisting diverse communities to develop self-governance and neighborhood gathering places.

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Project Designer, ZGF Architects; Special Projects Instructor, Metropolitan Learning Center; Designer, GBD Architects.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Cultural and Language Studies, Instituto Centro America; B Arch., University of Oregon; Lincoln High School, Portland.

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Worked with City Council and numerous city bureaus to establish Portland City Ordinance #175937 for transformation of street spaces into community places, and Council Resolution #36200, enabling Dignity Village, the nation’s most cost-effective, self-help homeless facility to continue to thrive.

Community Experience
Southeast Uplift Neighborhood Coalition, Board Director; The City Repair Project, Co-Director of the Village Building Convergence, Hands Around Portland, Earth Day Celebration, Intersection Repair Projects, T-Horse; Dignity Village; Spirit of Portland Award, 1997; Portland Fire Bureau Award, 1991.

“Mark Lakeman just might be Portland’s next urban planning visionary…Lakeman not only wants to beat the system,
he actually knows how.”
Daily Journal of Commerce Magazine, 2/99

Advocate for Citizen Involvement
A highly-regarded leader working with diverse communities for over a decade, Mark will ensure citizens are involved in City government!

Reformer to Help Businesses and Bureaus
An effective initiator, Mark engages citizens, leadership, bureaus and businesses to accomplish long standing goals. He knows we can accomplish more if we collaborate to chart Portland’s economic future!

Innovator Helping Children & Schools
In schools and on the street, Mark has seen kids suffer the consequences of problems we’ve created. Mark can help get us “out of the box” to rejuvenate budgets and reengage our kids!

Champion of Open Space and Ecology
All of Mark’s work promotes a hands-on appreciation for the natural environment and places for people. These success have depended upon people joining their ideas with actions!

“Mark Lakeman is a man of modest ambition. He doesn’t want to change the world. He just wants to change his city.”
The Oregonian, 5/30/97

Let’s bring our community’s voice back into City Hall!
Mark Lakeman for City Council.

(This information furnished by Friends of Mark Lakeman)


OCCUPATION: Doctoral student, Urban Studies, Portland State University.

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Research director, City Club of Portland, 1994-2002; public policy analyst—Washington State: Energy Office, Department of Community Development, and State Legislature.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Master of Public Administration; BA, International Management.

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: President, Mt. Tabor Neighborhood Association, 1998-2003; Spirit of Portland Award, 2001; Public Involvement Task Force, City of Portland; co-chair, Southeast Uplift Off-leash Dog Taskforce; Bridger Elementary School Site Council; Land Division Code Rewrite Project Committee, 2000.

Restore Our Community Voice in City Government!

Portlanders deserve leadership that listens and brings together community members, local businesses, and city employees to solve the city’s problems.

We cannot afford four more years of cronyism, special favors, and poorly conceived proposals that damage our city’s fairness and effectiveness.

A Trusted Neighbor and Effective Leader

As Mt. Tabor Neighborhood Association president, I regularly brought together residents, businesses, and city staff to solve problems and resolve conflicts. I understand how good government decisions help and bad decisions damage our community.

I know how our city government works and the changes we need to make.

I will work to restore the traditional Portland values of inclusive government, fairness, professionalism, and informed decision-making.

A Strong Advocate for Community Involvement

Effective, legitimate, and accountable government is achieved only when the community is part of the governance process. I will:

  • listen and bring people together to solve our problems.
  • ensure that our government is open and accountable to all.
  • work with the public and city employees to identify and implement smart reforms that work for the entire community and our future.

Vote for Paul Leistner for City Council!: Barbara Clark, Portland City Auditor, retired; Clyde H. Doctor; Jerrine Doctor; Friends of the Reservoirs; Amanda Fritz; Charles Heying; Roger C. Jones; Nancy Kurkinen, president, Families for Peace; Marychris Mass, Linda Nettekoven; Kris Olson; Tom Potter; Cece Hughley Noel; Susan E. Pearce; Kate and Tim Raphael; Ken Ray; Diane Redd; Les Swanson; Steve Wagenhoffer; Bing Wong.

(This information furnished by Friends of Paul Leistner)


OCCUPATION: Portland City Commissioner

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Portland Firefighter, 1978-2002; President, Portland Firefighters Association, 1986-1998.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: BS, History, Portland State University; Grant H.S.

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: State Senator 1993-1999; State Representative 1999-2002

“…Randy Leonard didn’t waste any time. He’s already shaking things up at City Hall, and that’s just what the Portland City Council --and the entire city-- needs these days.”

Oregonian, December 21,2002

Randy Leonard promised something different. He kept his promise.

Fighting for Schools

“Randy played a key role in preventing a devastating teacher’s strike in Portland last year. Randy has proven time and again that he will do whatever it takes to make sure Portland’s schools are the best they can be. Schools in Portland need Randy Leonard on the city council.”

Ann Nice, President, Portland Association of Teachers

Creating Good Jobs

“Randy rolled up his sleeves, went to work and helped bring companies like Integra Telecom, King Cycle, Heritage Hotels, and their collective 400 jobs and tax bases to Portland. We need leadership like that in Portland.”

Ron Beltz, Past Chair, Portland Business Alliance

Standing up for Neighborhoods

“Randy worked tirelessly fighting powerful lobbyists to pass an ordinance empowering neighborhoods to crack down on misbehaving liquor establishments. Neighborhoods are safer because of Randy Leonard’s hard work and commitment to us.”

Cameron McCredie, President, Reed Neighborhood Association

Making Portland “Work”

“Randy’s work on the Portland City Council has been spectacular. He has created new jobs, fought for neighborhoods and brought common sense to the City Council. Randy has made more positive change in 15 months that I have seen in 15 years.”

Mike Lindberg, former Portland City Commissioner

Endorsed by Portland’s Best

Portland Firefighters Association – Portland Association of Teachers – Portland Police Association…and many, many more

Randy Leonard “…has earned a reputation as a straight-shooting,passionate advocate for the little guy.”
Willamette Week May 8, 2002

Re-Elect Randy Leonard
Making a Difference on City Council

(This information furnished by Friends of Randy Leonard)


OCCUPATION: Fiscal Services

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Non-profit Administration; Community Relations Manager; Community Organizer; Workforce Development Programs Manager; Corrections Agency Director;

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Portland State University – Graduate – BS/History/Political Science; Mt. Hood Community College – Graduate – Assoc. Soc. Science; Lewis & Clark College – Freshman Year – Government Studies

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Mt. Hood Community College Board; Oregon Community Corrections Committee; Columbia Ridge Charter Committee; Chair – Mid-County Future Alternatives Committee; Co-Chair – Russell Neighborhood Association

It begins in our Neighborhoods.

Neighborhoods are where the people live.

Neighborhoods are where the political process begins.

Neighborhoods are where elected officials are held accountable.

Neighborhoods are where public investments are tested.

Neighborhoods are the core of the City of Portland.

I believe this is a crucial election for the City of Portland. We are adding more and more houses without considering where new people will work, whether they will earn a living wage, how our streets, parks, and schools can serve new residents, and most importantly, how growth can be kept from destroying the very livability of our neighborhoods. And our City Council isn’t talking to us about it.

No elected official has a magic answer for problems. Individual ideas of elected officials need to be tested by a complete, open public process. Single public hearings with 3 minutes of citizen testimony is not adequate. Forcing answers that lack public support by ignoring public process is not acceptable either.

I have been a citizen activist in Portland most of my adult life. I am not promising to change things by myself because I know I can’t. I do promise to open up the doors for citizens of Portland to participate at all stages of decision making by the City Council. I do promise to work to rebuild trust in the political process.

I do promise to keep the City Council connected to neighborhoods, because that is where it all begins. I do promise to keep the City Council connected to neighborhoods, because that is where the people live.

(This information furnished by Bonny McKnight)


OCCUPATION: Neighborhood Activist

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Retired secretary from Portland Public Schools; advocate for recreational centers; community policing

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Portland State University; Lewis & Clark; Marylhurst University, Candidate for Social Science BA June 2004

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Held various positions and served on several committees with neighborhood coalition boards and associations.

Currently serving on the financial committee of a neighborhood coalition; understands how to implement initiatives while staying under budget; will not support false, inflated numbers by holding Bureaus accountable; and will use public resources wisely.

Neighborhood Empowerment:
Mary Ann Schwab

• worked with Inner SE Coalition and City to hire Portland’s first Crime Prevention Coordinators (1979); helped write the Neighborhood Watch Program Handbook (1979); helped develop REACH when Washington High School closed (1980).
• convinced Parks Bureau to place basketball courts at Laurelhurst Park (1979).
• took advantage of the Neighborhood Needs process to develop Sunnyside Playground Park (1988).
• applied for self-help grants to fund wheelchair accessibility at three libraries: St. John’s Library and Albina Library (1984) Belmont Library (1988); to update UCP’s Kitchen; to plant 453 Fred Edmond Rose bushes at Columbia Villa (1990).
• instrumental in getting TriMet to reroute Mt. Tabor #15 (1992).
• believes OLCC alcohol outlets disproportionately impact some neighborhoods, will work to regain local control.
• believes that neighborhoods must have a stronger voice in city decisions.
• currently serving on the PPS Real Estate Trust Request for Proposal Committee for the WAMO Recreational Center.

New Leadership Needed:
Mary Ann Schwab
• knows that change comes from the people – “grassroots” efforts.
• understands that homelessness results from a complex set of circumstances that require people to choose between food, shelter, and other basic needs.
• believes in empowerment through partnership between the government and the people (who ARE the government).

Mary Ann Schwab has proved to be a spunky, tenacious, common sense problem solver who gets results.

(This information furnished by Friends of Mary Ann Schwab)


OCCUPATION: Utility Billing Analyst, Pacificorp; Member and President, Woodstock Neighborhood Association; Member and Volunteer, Friends of Portland Center for the Performing Arts

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Hospital Budget Analyst; Community Housing Resources Board, Member and President; Schoolteacher

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Masters Degree, Public Administration, Cal State San Bernardino; Bachelors Degree, Zoology, Pomona College

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: District Staff, Congressman George Brown (4+ Terms)

I love Portland – it has its own unique character. It’s a big city in the middle of rivers and forests. Its people want to take care of it, and help it retain that character.

We the people are involved with our city. We have 100 different neighborhoods, each with its own special character, all pulling together for a city that works for its people.

That voice of the people needs to be heard. Our city heads down a dangerous path when it ignores its own citizens. We lose that which makes Portland special. We would become like any other big city, undistinguished and ordinary.

I want to put the public voice back into public service. Your City Council should not only listen to you, but come right out and ask you what you think the city needs. As your public servant, I will come to you and your neighborhood, and ask you, “What should Portland be doing? What can it do better? What’s going right that we can apply elsewhere?”

Most important, I want you to know you will be heard.

I believe we all want Portland to preserve and retain its special character far into the future. Out streams, parks and forests; our arts, music and culture; our wildlife; our nightlife; all these things make Portland a very livable, lovable city. We will have challenges; we can take them on together, or individually fall victim to them. Visit; see where we can agree. Our future belongs to all of us. I want to help make our collective vision come to pass.

Thanks for your vote.

(This information furnished by Scott Stephens for Portland)