OCCUPATION: Executive Director, Evaluation and Development Institute, Portland, OR; Publisher, www.awesomelibrary.org, the #1 Web site for K-12 education

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Experience includes: Associate, Portland’s Northwest Regional Education Laboratory; Coordinator, The Evaluation Center, Western Michigan University; Vice President, National Business Association; Resume available: www.jerryadamsformayor.com/resume.html

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Ph.D., Education, Ohio State University; B.A., Psychology, University of Texas/Arlington

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Consultant on numerous governmental studies; Appointee to numerous state and national boards, including Executive Director, Ohio Developmental Disabilities Planning Council (Governor’s appointee)

Our Portland is unique – a center of activity for people who care, want a better life, and want to make a difference. Portland is rated one of the most livable cities in America. We can make Portland’s future even better.

Jerry Adams has broad experience in local, state, and national government, business, education, and social services. He isn’t embroiled in Portland’s current city hall culture. He’ll work directly with Portlanders to bring fresh ideas into achieving more living wage jobs, fair treatment for all, excellent schools, thriving businesses, and sustainable development.

Jerry made his career directing and evaluating regional and national social initiatives. He brings that expertise to Portland programs such as Friends of the Children, improving our community’s education, work readiness, justice, social services, and more. Jerry developed First Step to streamline SBA loan applications. USA Today praised his software as one of the top ten innovation for small business. He has the depth in public administration, public policy, business, and community building to make our shared vision for Portland a reality.

Jerry’s style blends practicality, integrity, relationship, caring, and determination. He builds coalitions, fosters good communication, and creates more efficient government. Jerry can lead us forward with:

  • More living wage jobs
  • Better business climate
  • Culturally competent services for diverse communities
  • Real community policing
  • Bureaucratic responsiveness
  • Strong progress in transportation, housing, and alternative energy development
  • More affordable and effective health care, K-12, and higher education.
  • A city “report card,” accountable to you

Join us at http://www.jerryadamsformayor.com
Call 503-233-2784

(This information furnished by Jerry Adams for Mayor)



OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Nanny; Pre-School – Teacher – Director

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Cleveland High School; Portland Community College


We have a unique opportunity to prove that we are a solid community that is willing to work together for the greater good of the whole. The new mayor will begin the challenge in 2005. A lot can change in a year!

The fact is that everyone deserves to have his or her basic needs met. Food, clothing, shelter, education, and a support system that will meet those needs are of the utmost importance.

The Oregonian did a great series on “The nine states of Oregon”. Under the heading “Portlandia” it is states, “Oregon’s economic engine competes in a world economy that often doesn’t have much to do with the rest of the state. But Portland’s high wages mean it pays the lion’s share of the taxes that fund state services”. Oregonian 11-2-03 to 11-18-03 In part one, Jeff Mapes writes, “Portlandia drives the state’s economy. It’s taxes pay for most of the state budget”. Oregonian 11-2-03 Oregon needs jobs. More importantly, Portland does.

We have to encourage new companies to open their doors here. We need to reward those companies who stay and hire people by supporting them not only with incentives, but also with our shopping loyalty.

I have no background in politics. Most might feel that this is a hindrance but I see it as a strong point. Having no previous political ties, there are no preconceived ideas or connections. No promises made that have to be honored. A clean slate if you will.

We have proven our support by our willingness to pay a Multnomah County Tax. I want to make sure that our efforts are not lost, by putting into place, on a local government level, changes that will ensure that we are not asked for more money when the three years are up.

Visit me at www.mayorlori.com

(This information furnished by Lori Balkema)


OCCUPATION: Managing Editor, Portland Mercury; Head Coach, University of Portland Crew

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Assistant Director, University of Oregon School of Business Entrepreneurship Center; Attorney, State of California Center for Family and Children; Program Assistant, The (Jimmy) Carter Center; Program Director, School for Field Studies, Costa Rica Sea Turtle Program

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: University of Oregon School of Law; Middlebury College

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Legislative Assistant, State Representative Margaret Carter

Portland’s progressive politics are at-risk. For the past four years, I have reported on local politics. During that time I have become increasingly frustrated with the disconnect between city hall and the citizens of Portland. I was upset when city council pushed forward a plan to cap Mt Tabor reservoirs without any public input and I was taken back when the mayor gave herself a five percent pay increase in the face of eight percent unemployment in the city. In August, I entered the race with the promise to bring more accountability, accessibility and transparency to city hall.

When I first launched my campaign, I promised to give $100 every day – including weekends – from my mayor’s salary to a needy person or organization. Although this gesture is largely symbolic, I truly believe that if a mayor wants to pull people back into city hall, he needs to start by reaching out.

Since then, we have greatly expanded and matured our platform to include hundreds of ideas and programs for police accountability, aggressive environmental cleanup, long-term sustainability and jumpstarting the local economy with support for small-businesses and the creative class. The full platform (100-plus pages) is available online at: meformayor.com. For a quicker read, we also have produced a list of the 100 programs, projects and ideas I’d like to start during my first 100 days as your mayor. I hope that you will look at these ideas and consider what they could add to our city and your life.

I look forward to the opportunity to serve as your mayor.

(This information furnished by Phil Busse)


OCCUPATION: Scot Campbell Studio

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Media West – Graphic Artist; Loganberry Press Print Shop – Owner; The Bulletin Board – Owner; Want Ad Paper

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Huntington Beach High School California 11th Grade


My name is Scot Campbell but most Portlanders are familiar with me as “Extremo the Clown.” I love Portland and have lived and worked and played here for the past 17 years. I have no political experience whatsoever which I think qualifies me most to hold the position of Mayor of Portland. I do however have a colorful background as an artist, entertainer, promoter and family man.

Work history: Church of Scientology of Los Angeles, position: Director of Public Information (no longer affiliated ). Allen Corporation, contracted to the Fallon Naval Air Station, Fallon Nevada, position: Cartoonist/Graphic Artist (secret clearance). Scot Campbell Studio, Portland Oregon, Window Splash Artist. Extremo the Clown, Portland Oregon, position: Entertainer/Artist/Town Fool. Personal stats: Married 30 years/ 3 children/ 1 dog/ non-smoker/ non-drinker/ non-drugs/ non-sense. Charities: Oregon Humane Society, Portland Rescue Mission, and Doernbecher’s Children’s Hospital. Organ Donor. Political positions: Programs to increase art, music and sports in schools. Hire more teachers, increase salaries and benefits. Enlist more police and train them; increase their salaries and benefits. Create a real external police review board. Start by decriminalizing marijuana then implement plans to legalize it. Increase fines for DUI and employ public humiliation for repeat offenders. Focus on helping the homeless. I am for a state income tax. I support establishing a new public state funded center for The Portland Cacophony Society. I think churches should pay some form of taxes. I am for bringing in Portland’s first casino to create revenue. I do not have a position on the death penalty at this time. I am for Major League Baseball in Portland. I am for building a world-class year round indoor entertainment center and theme park! Let’s do it!! With your help we can make my dreams come true.

(This information furnished by Scot “Extremo The Clown” Campbell)


OCCUPATION: City Commissioner

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Small business owner; lawyer.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: UO Law School; Stanford University

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Portland Fire Commissioner; Chair, Oregon Juvenile Justice Commission.

“Jim Francesconi shares my philosophy about getting government to work for people.”

John Kitzhaber

The Experience to Lead Our City
A small businessman and neighborhood activist, Jim started a community based youth-to-work coalition that placed 700 gang-involved youth in jobs with 250 Portland employers.

Jim continued his work as city commissioner keeping our neighborhoods safe and increasing opportunities for children by establishing new after-school programs for 5,000 kids.

And Jim brought his business skills to city government – improving efficiency, eliminating a city bureau and saving taxpayers millions.

Jim insisted on the performance audit of Portland Public Schools that cut waste and helped direct more dollars into classroom learning.

A Mayor with a Back-to-Basics Approach
Jim will make city government do better with the resources we already have.

No one will work harder to bring new accountability to city spending and reject misguided spending projects.

A Plan to Create Jobs, Improve Schools and Ensure Safe Neighborhoods
Jim has the energy and experience and a detailed plan to lead Portland’s effort to create good jobs and get our economy moving again.

Jim will work to create quality public schools to provide the foundation our community needs to attract new jobs and give Portland’s next generation the educational opportunities they deserve.

Jim will focus the community’s attention on solving resurging gang violence by reducing the availability of guns and putting more police on the streets to ensure safe neighborhoods.

“Jim has been on the front line in the fight to solve our gang problems. We need his leadership.”

Sheriff Bernie Giusto

Also endorsed by the Portland Police Association, Portland Association of Teachers, Portland Metropolitan Association of Realtors, AFSCME Local 189 and hundreds of others.

Dear Portland Voter,
I’d be honored by your vote. Join me in this campaign for Portland.

Jim Francesconi


(This information furnished by Jim Francesconi for Mayor)


OCCUPATION: Independent Contractor “Business”

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: 12 yrs U.S. Army “Military Intelligence”; U.S. Boarder Patrol; Film Maker/Writer Indep. Films; Independent Contractor

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: John Marshall High School 12th Grade Grad; Big Bend Coll. Certificate Math

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: 12 yrs. U.S. Army “Military Intelligence”; U.S. Boarder Patrol.

Dear fellow Portlanders,

My name is Bart Hanson and I’m running for mayor because I believe Portland needs a clear vision for the future. If elected as mayor, my primary focus will be on the following issues:

Jobs: Portland is in desperate need of jobs for the working class. In the past twelve years, the city government has failed to retain businesses that are vital to our community. One of my top priorities will be to attract new industries to the city with incentives such as tax breaks for small businesses.

Education: The importance of quality public education cannot be understated. I support after-school programs with tutoring available as well as quality nutrition programs. We need to find innovative ways to fund these programs and ensure that the school system has the financial resources it needs.

Police: As Mayor and Police Commissioner, I will ensure accountability with increased training and policy/procedures review. I also support the expansion of community policing and neighborhood partol programs.

Homelessness: Placement of Dignity Village is an issue that needs to be addressed, and I support the establishment of a permanent location. I will seek input from local community and business leaders for a solution.

My campaign has not and will not accept contributions from any special interest groups or bussiness interests. I am committed to serving the community as a whole in a fair and non-biased manner, and will encourage all citizens to actively participate in open discussion in order to meet Portland’s future challenges.

I would like to thank you for your support in the coming election.

(This information furnished by Bart Hanson for Mayor)


OCCUPATION: Senior Research Analyst, Freightliner—A DaimlerChrysler Company

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Senior Internal Auditor, Freightliner—DaimlerChrysler; Financial Analyst, Excite At Home—Division of AT&T; Toyota Corolla model Cost/Pricing/Revenue Analyst—NUMMI (Toyota and General Motors JV); Manager, Love Lode Music Incorporated; Robert McKay & Associates (CPA’s); Disc Jockey, KWVA; Freelance Journalist

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: California State University, Hayward—graduate school 1999-00; University of Oregon—BS Business Administration/Finance (Minor in Economics) 1996; University of Oregon—BS Psychology 1996; Lane Community College—Accounting 1990; Umpqua Community College—Emergency Medical Technology I & II, 1987


You have the power to hire Portland’s next mayor. The media wants you to believe there are only three candidates in the race. Don’t let them buy your vote! Portland needs the man with the best skills to solve complex economic and social problems and do it without raising taxes!

I have made a career from making business more productive and efficient. We can do this in Portland by:

  • Aligning city bureaus along core competencies
  • Business (administrative) Process Reengineering
  • Eliminating government waste
  • Restructuring Portland’s debt
  • Micro-capital loans for new small businesses
  • Lure industries from other cities against which Portland offers a comparative advantage to create jobs
  • Sound economic analyses for all government projects

We must use savings to restore services by:

  • Funding education and after school programs
  • Increase police training in crowd psychology to avoid aggressive authoritarianism
  • Help the unemployed, homeless, mentally ill, and at-risk youths
  • Support the arts
  • Protect the environment

Portland needs a mayor with the courage to speak out against special interests and Constitutional injustice like:

  • Bush’s War in Iraq
  • Bans on Gay Marriage

It’s time to take the elitists out of City Hall and govern through compassion and logic. Please compare my website against the vague rhetoric of other candidates. I offer a structured plan to make Portland efficient, financially sound, and a better place to live. www.hinds4mayor.com

(This information furnished by Robert Ted Hinds)


OCCUPATION: Business owner: Eliot E-mat Café; Workhorse Construction (trucking, paving and excavation)

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Probation office; personnel management; drug treatment counselor; community center director; health center executive director; Viet Nam veteran; Oregon Air Guard retiree.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Masters in Education – Wichita State

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Senator Ron Wyden’s No Child Left Behind education-reform taskforce

Elect James Posey

YOUR representative in City Hall

Mayor for Portland, City of Excellence

As your Mayor, I will apply business models to City government, and lead Portland to become nationally recognized as the City of Excellence. Portland will become a world-class medical treatment and research center, drawing people here for the best medical treatment available, and building a foundation for well-paying jobs, a thriving real estate market, a thriving hotel and restaurant industry, and vigor in all sectors of the economy.

As your Mayor I will actively court business, and back that up with reform of fees and taxes on small businesses and aggressive reform of permitting processes.

Neighborhood Associations will again be partners in both long and short term planning, and in crafting policy that affects our neighborhoods and homes.

We can’t talk about livability in a City of Excellence without talking about public safety. As your Mayor I will push for a highly professional, highly ethical police force, but that by itself will not be enough. Whether we’re talking about violent crime, theft, vandalism or scams that target our most vulnerable citizens, City government must help law abiding citizens band together to defend us all. I will support coordination among neighborhood associations, churches, community organizations and the police to replace fear with pride and send criminals packing.

As your mayor, I will be a vocal advocate for school reform. If school districts in Portland make the changes needed to become world-class education systems, I will be their loudest supporter. If they do not, I will be their loudest critic.

Vote James Posey
City Government Must Work for You!

(This information furnished by Friends of James Posey for Mayor)


OCCUPATION: Small Business Owner

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Non-profit Executive; State Agency Director; Police Bureau

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: University of Portland, B.A.


Fellow Portlanders,

Portland needs more than good intentions. Our city needs leadership and a better vision for our future. I was a different kind of police chief, bringing our diverse citizens together for community policing. I will be a different kind of mayor, bringing us together to create a shared vision for our city.

Real Leadership Experience

I have a proven record changing the city’s largest bureau. I know how to hold people accountable, demand change and get it.

I have stood up for the rights of people of color, gays, lesbians, and women when others hoped I would remain silent. I am not afraid to do what is right.

I led a state agency that trains and certifies police officers and firefighters. I know that safe communities are built on involved communities.

I ran a homeless youth agency giving children a way off the streets. I know we can do better for our youth.

My small business has helped cities across America improve with community policing. I know what works.

A New Vision

Together, you and I will:

  • Support our youth and help schools forge a path to smaller classes and greater stability.
  • Make it easier for our economy to grow and develop more well-paying jobs.
  • Improve the safety of our neighborhoods.
  • Hold myself and city hall accountable.

Renewed Involvement

Those most affected by city hall’s decisions must be involved in making them. I will re-engage neighborhood associations and ensure meaningful community involvement in the guidance of each city bureau. I will listen.

Read more about Tom’s message at: www.tomformayor.org

“It is time for citizens’ voices to be heard again in city hall. Tom Potter leads by listening and cares deeply about a better vision for our future. Join me in voting for Tom Potter for Mayor.”

–Former Mayor Bud Clark

Vote Tom Potter

(This information furnished by Tom Potter)


OCCUPATION: Owner – Jeffrey Calvin & Associates Advertising & Public Relations

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Ad Sales America; ATT Broadband; Pacific Development, Inc.



Jeff 4 Mayor
“Schools and Neighborhoods First!”

Focus on the Foundations

Public Schools
Public Safety
Small/Local Business

The Only Candidate For Mayor… who will make education one of the city’s top priorities and put Portland’s Public Schools into the mayor’s portfolio.

The Only Candidate For Mayor… who will put more police on the streets to stop an increasingly violent crime wave that threatens our neighborhoods and the entire region.

The Only Candidate for Mayor… who will focus on Portland’s economic vitality by promoting and helping local businesses.

The Only Candidate for Mayor… who will work to repeal Measure 26-48, the unnecessary County Income Tax that is hurting low and middle income families across Portland and Multnomah County and starving our fragile local economy of much needed commerce.

The Only Candidate for Mayor… who will not put trains, trams, trolleys and shiny downtown developments before our schools, our neighborhoods and our local business community.

On May 18th – Vote Jeffrey C. Rempfer – Mayor of Portland

(This information furnished by Jeff 4 Mayor Committee)






Jim Spagg for Mayor of Portland, Oregon

Working on Cultural Problems

The problems of Portland, OR, are the problems of the world, and the problems of the world are the problems of Portland. The biggest problem in the world is culture, and the biggest cultural problem is that of religion.

We must try to open the eyes of the world to the fact that we live in two worlds, that of fantasy, and that of reality. In the real world, there is no God. God is an idea, conjured up by man.

Many people are aware that there is no god, and they know that there are many other people of the same realization, so they don’t talk about it. Some of these people Have had the good fortune of having had parents who understood these truths, Others have learned through along process curiosity.

Most people who espouse the concept of God as a real entity, do so on an emotional level, and would be helped, if they could somehow be awakened from this illusion. There are so many gods, ergo so many who are potential people who might be awakened to the reality of things, and help bring society back to the real world.

A main goal of this administration would be to try to awaken those of the real world to the reality that there is no God.

All of my life I have been an artist, to me that’s not just a matter of skill, I have taken it to be an attitude and a philosophy which has put me in pursuit of being unique, creative, and individual: most people don’t have time for that, I have developed it.

If elected Mayor of Portland, I would strive to serve the people practically and in their best interests. Your support, of course, will be both appreciated and accepted.


Jim Spagg

geocities.com/jim spagg

(This information furnished by Jim Spagg)


OCCUPATION: Homeless Outreach Worker

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Education, Social Services

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Portland State University, B.S. Sociology, Minor Black Studies


Thank you for voting. Please consider me when selecting your choice for Portland’s next Mayor.

I feel that among the candidates, I have the best understanding of the community’s priorities and values regarding the future of our city. I possess the passion to lead us towards environmental and economic sustainability, while developing an effective model of urban growth and management.

Communication is the greatest responsibility of our governmental leaders, who are charged with both discovering and addressing the needs, concerns, and priorities of the community, while simultaneously inspiring individuals to be actively involved with the process. My communication style incorporates active listening, asking and soliciting relevant and meaningful questions, considering ideas from various perspectives, and clearly stating my decided opinion.

Once we have designed the future that we hope to create, as Mayor I will make day-to-day decisions that compliment that vision. I realize that political, economical and logistical realities sometimes force our city leaders to implement short-term solutions that may be contrary to our long-term vision. I will be available to field citizen’s questions regarding my motives, logic and reasoning by utilizing both private and public media sources and by personally engaging the community.

I will count on the citizen’s of Portland to participate in steering us towards an ideal future. To encourage involvement, I will empower individuals with a venue to express one’s voice while participating in the design and implementation of solutions.

A few of my ideas for enriching our community:

  • Ensure that all individuals have the ability to meet their basic needs
  • Design a holistic transportation plan that offers safe and convenient walkways and bikeways; a comfortable and convenient public transportation system that is faster, safer, and less expensive than cars
  • Develop a transparent, effective and just Community Policing Model
  • Support equal rights and respect for all people


(This information furnished by Brad Taylor)


OCCUPATION: President, Mortgage Oregon Company

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Mortgage Broker, International Business, Investor

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Bachelors degree, University of Oregon; Marketing and Political Science degrees; Portland Public Schools (K-12)

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Budget Committee, West Linn (1980s)

PERSONAL: Jeff and Daniela Taylor have two children; Brianna and Andrea. Interests: Tennis, golf, baseball, scouting.

Let’s Put JEFF TAYLOR’S Experience to Work for us!

Jeff Taylor will improve Portland’s financial management. We need top value for our tax dollars. NO MORE cash-eating mistakes: the water bureau fiasco; PGE Park debt; doubling of tram expenses; $1 million spent chasing the purchase of PGE; allowing public safety dollars for Wapato to be high jacked! These happened on Jim Francesconi’s watch! We need proven business experience.

Jeff Taylor will make our neighborhoods safe and vital. More affordable housing by involving private sector investment; restore credibility and openness of our police department with improved training and community policing.

Jeff Taylor will invite the Grand Ronde Casino to Portland. Benefits: new convention center hotel (tourism!); substantial dollars for our schools (and reduced tax burden!); hundreds of year-round family wage jobs!; proven, high-quality, alcohol-free casino operators!

Jeff Taylor will restore damaged working relationships with our suburban partners. Let’s face it, they are strained to the point of being dysfunctional. We need to rebuild regional and legislative cooperation to strengthen our economy, generate jobs and keep Portland vital and healthy!

Jeff Taylor will work to restore Portland as business-friendly. We need more than talk. Between taxes and a choking bureaucracy we are losing jobs and revenues.

Jeff Taylor has unmatched real business experience and the courage and independence we need.

It is time for a Fresh Start for Portland

It’s time to Elect JEFF TAYLOR Mayor of Portland!

To learn more about Jeff, visit his website:

(This information furnished by Jeff Taylor for Mayor Committee)