OCCUPATION: Multnomah County Commissioner

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: County Commissioner; 18 years Oregon State Representative; 24 years trucking industry.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Masters of Business Administration; Bachelor’s Degree.

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: State Representative – Oregon Legislature

Lonnie Roberts has been a strong voice for East County and an outspoken advocate of the public’s right to participate in the governmental process. His tenacious efforts to be fiscally responsible have earned him the respect of both supporters and opponents.

to deny excessive salaries for county executives.
against expenditures, in tough budget times, on non-essential items.
Lonnie has frozen his personal and staff salaries for the last two years.


It was Lonnie’s efforts, which have brought EQUITY FUNDING to East County Schools. He will continue to strive for education reform and a sustainable budget for schools in the county and the state.


Lonnie is Senior Sensitive and is represented on the Tri-County Elderly and Disabled Transportation Coordinating Committee. He is a strong advocate of emergency services and health programs for the elderly that are available at reasonable rates.


Public Safety continues to be an issue in East County and Lonnie will continue his support for the Sheriff and patrols in the unincorporated areas as well as more jail space and jail time for those who break the law in our county.


Senator Ron Wyden
Former Mayor Roger Vonderharr
Senator Gordon Smith
Wood Village Mayor Dave Fuller
District Attorney Mike Schrunk
Councilor Jacquenette McIntire
Sheriff Bernie Giusto
Councilor Dave Ripma
Commissioner Jim Francesconi
Councilor Jim Kight
Commissioner Randy Leonard
Representative Patty Smith
Fairview Mayor Mike Weatherby


Junkie Yoshida
Joe Panza
Hiroshi Morihara
Gloria Wiggins
Frank Culbertson
Pat McCormick
Hud Lasher
Lily Sheldon
Keith Robinson
Larry Ward
Lila Leathers
Mike McKeel


Multnomah County Deputy Sheriff’s Association
Local 88 Multnomah County Employees Union
IBEW Local 125
Gresham Firefighters Local 1062
Portland Firefighters Association

(This information furnished by Committee to Re-Elect Lonnie Roberts)


OCCUPATION: Retired Business Owner

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Trucking – OK Delivery & UPS. 20 years; Driver – Supervisor – Sales Manager.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Central Catholic High grad. Multnomah Jr College 2 years

I am married with three children and three grand children. In 1968 I began working at OK Delivery Systems as a 20 year old driver and moved up through the organization and finished my transportation career as a sales associate for Pro Truck Lines. I started a bindery business in my garage in 1988 with two employees and recently sold it. We grew into a 5000 square foot building with 12 employees and customers from eleven western states and Europe.

Born in Portland and living in Gresham since 1977 I volunteered for the Gresham Parks Committee, Gresham Youth Soccer. And Two year President of Gresham High Booster Club. I coached thirty one different youth teams and have worked with Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

I feel my businss skills and ability to work with people will lend to being a quality commissioner.

(This information furnished by Lonnie Stout)