City of Portland Mayor


OCCUPATION: Realtor/Musician/Parent

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Realtor, Rose Realty Services, Windermere, Woodland Properties, 1996-Present. Musician,, 1975-Present; Parent: 1994-Present.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Ainsworth Elementary, Lincoln High, Portland State University: B.S. History 1990.


Who The Hell Is Bill Dant?

  • Bill Dant Wants To Bring Real Equity To City Hall. Let’s “Reinvent The Squeaky Wheel” So All Voices Are Heard—Not Just The Power Players.
  • Blue Collar Jobs, White Collar Jobs, Green Jobs--Bill Dant Is For Jobs Of All Colors.
  • Bill Dant Believes Access to Quality Healthcare Is A Human Right. Everyone Deserves Affordable Care--No Matter Their Status
  • Bill Dant Believes Kids Are Indeed The Future. Smart And Stable Funding To Revitalize Our Public Schools Now!
  • Bill Dant Will Fight For Your Right To Stop Gangs And Get The Community Back Into Community Policing.
  • Bill Dant Will Hit The Streets To Help Those On The Street Find a Home. And Help Those With Homes Keep Them.
  • Bill Dant Believes In Honoring Our Most Vulnerable Citizens By Not Pricing Them Out of Our City. No One Should Have To Choose Between Eating And Heating.
  • Bill Dant Wants Portlanders To Get The Best Value From Government. Fiscal Responsibility Just Means More Bang For Your Tax Buck.

Bill Dant: Your Voice, Your Mayor

How can we call ourselves a truly progressive city when we allow more people to be pushed to the brink or over the edge into poverty? The time is now for us to raise our voices for a Better Portland!

Portland needs a Mayor Advocate who will focus on providing the basic services we all need. But that’s not enough. City Hall has to work not just harder and smarter but bolder.

Business as usual isn't working. Let’s Make A Change That Matters!

We Can Keep Portland Weird: Why Not Make It Great?



(This information furnished by Bill Dant for Mayor Committee)

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