City of Portland Mayor


OCCUPATION: Food Marketing


EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Master of Science Biology and Microbiology

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Portland Utility Review Board, City of Portland Water Quality Advisory Committee

Accountability in City Government

Portlanders have suffered through the latest economic recession as the city kept spending money and mismanaging debt. I have seen this firsthand working through bureau budget processes. I have witnessed City Council’s misuse of public funds where cronyism runs rampant at the expense of hard-working taxpayers and ratepayers.

Economic Stability

As a native Portlander, I want others to have the same opportunity to stay here and make a good living. Under my leadership, Portland will work with businesses and individuals to offer the “generational jobs” needed to maintain a solid level of economic stability. Family-wage jobs with good benefits and a strong future in our city. In order for Portland to remain a vibrant, progressive community, it needs to offer the kinds of jobs and careers that can support young families, middle-aged couples, fixed income, the seniors, and anyone else who wants to stay here and help make Portland great again.

A Vision for Portland’s Future

Portland encourages the kind of imagination from world-renowned craft brewers and breweries to space-age electronics technologies. Portland needs the kind of person who looks critically at all these ideas, helps shape the conversation about what is most important, how much it will cost and who it will benefit. As a scientist with proven leadership fighting for healthy drinking water, a businessman, and a citizen advocate who served on the City of Portland’s utility budget review board, I can and will lead us through this important community process.

I will make Portland work for all of us again, not just the ones with the right connections.


Nancy Newell

Oregon Green Energy Coalition

Lisa Mann

former Commissioner Tualatin Valley Water District

Frank Gearhart


Cherie Lambert Holenstein

Citizens for Portland’s Water

Rose Marie Opp

former President Mill Park Neighborhood Assoc.

(This information furnished by Friends of Scott Fernandez)

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