City of Portland Mayor


OCCUPATION: Senior Vice President, HDR Engineering

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Portland City Commissioner; Small business owner

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Lewis and Clark College; University of Virginia- B.A.

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Portland City Commissioner; President, League of Oregon Cities.

Community Service: Friends of Trees, REACH, Portland Parks Foundation, Hayhurst Neighborhood Association, Portlanders for Schools

Elect a Mayor Who Knows What’s Important

•   A good job to support your family;

•   A livable, safe neighborhood with parks, transportation and good schools, no matter what part of Portland you live in;

•   A respect for our environment and each other.

A Proven Leader Who Makes Our Priorities Happen

“Charlie renovated 110 local parks and built or rebuilt Community Centers in East, West and North Portland. He improved our quality of life.”

Betsy Radigan, Piedmont Neighborhood Association Leader

Charlie strengthened Fire/EMS services while adding women and diversity for a Bureau more like Portland.

“Charlie is smart, accountable and made city government work. He fixed potholes, paving five times the streets with ½ the budget of today. Getting the right things done for less – that’s what we need in a Mayor.”

Tom Kelly, Neil Kelly Remodeling Company

“When our schools were in crisis, Charlie helped save the school year for kids across Portland. He’s the one our kids can count on.”

Sivai Bennett, Elementary Schoolteacher

In the private sector, Charlie created good jobs, helping HDR Engineering grow from 2700 employees to 8000 employees in 10 years.

Charlie Hales: Making a Good City Better

City government must focus on priorities: it can’t do everything. Charlie will get the basics right.

Charlie’s economic plan will create jobs and keep them in Portland.

Lower water and sewer rates and improved basic services for every neighborhood.

Strengthen local schools, community college and our local universities- to raise graduation rates and give students the tools they need to thrive.

“Charlie’s the one. Period.”

Vera Katz, Portland Mayor

See the Portlanders and local organizations supporting Charlie:

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