City of Portland Mayor


OCCUPATION: Small business owner – independent contractor for Nike; Fitting specialist at locally / independently owned shop – Smitty’s Dot Golf, NE Portland; Part time caregiver (father)

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Co-owner two restaurants; 30+ years Hospitality industry; Radio & Advertising Agency experience

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: State University of New York, Canton, NY – Associate in Political Science; University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN, BS in Business Administration and Marketing/Economics; Mt. Hood Community College, Adult Enrichment

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Chamber of Commerce and Hotel Board

• Strong small business advocate, keeping the businesses we have with tax and fee relief

• Making sure East Portlanders get their fair share of the improvements and services allowed by City budget

• Restructuring Water Bureau to streamline focus and accountability

• Job creation, growth stabilization with aggressive recruitment of new businesses and light industry through tax relief, incentives and hands on approach by Mayor’s office

• Creating a taskforce of business owners, large and small and public officials to create a less toxic business environment

• Facilitate local communities within the City to be aware of safety and security concerns through awareness and involvement within that community

• Address city’s budget deficit with common sense and an open mind toward realistic cuts and creativity and commitment to revenue generation

• Revitalize downtown with more diversified businesses, not just food carts, non-profits and coffee shops

• TriMet’s light rail needs less expansion (Clackamas County) and more security and sanitation

• The “Occupy” movement illustrated some of the inequalities that have become entrenched in our society and must be addressed. It degenerated into a carnival of lost focus and message. But it’s core points of humanity and transparency must be addressed politically

• Functional Columbia River crossing as a toll bridge at the lowest cost

• Smart common sense solutions to our long term problems so we don’t become “The Vacant City”

• And of course…..”Free Parking”

(This information furnished by Committee to elect of Michael P Langley)

The above information has not been verified for accuracy by Multnomah County.