City of Portland Mayor


OCCUPATION: Independent Insurance Agent

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Academic counselor/adjunct professor, media/video production & music promoter, football coach/youth referee, adapted aquatics instructor, motor coach operator, author/publisher, actor/MC, truck driver and garden center operator/Organic Food CO-OP.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Master of Arts - Brooklyn College - Psychology

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: SCORE sponsored by the U.S. Small Business Administration.

As Mayor I am running on a platform of "common decency"! Just as Theodore Roosevelt said, "The most practical kind of politics is the politics of decency." As Mayor, I have the following goals:

The JOB of Mayor is a Customer Service position. And the mayor should lead in that area. I will protect the children, seniors and those with infirmities….everyone else gets a job. My life is focused on working for the public.


“I want to Build foundations so that after I am gone programs can continue to grow”.

I will take inventory of the City.

I want to enable you to do the things You do.

I want to restore Integrity and Honor to the position of public servants and politicians because I want to be one.

Anytime I can get in the door of any organization, I will create Change and Connections to the Community.

OUTREACH PORTLAND is putting people and getting these folks into jobs with current systems in place without spending additional funds.

CITY COMPETITION is looking for Entrepreneurs so that the best and brightest achieve their dream(s).

View the Citizens’ Bill of Rights & Obligations at

 …Howie is the kind of person that doesn't just help you with a form but calls... to see how you are doing and if he is in your neighborhood he will call you and ask if he can visit to see how things are going. I would love to see him run for Mayor of Portland as he is well educated and has a great background and would be looking out for the people he serves”… Angelina Springer

(This information furnished by Howie Rubin)

The above information has not been verified for accuracy by Multnomah County.