City of Portland Mayor


OCCUPATION: Community Activist

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Student, Barista, Canvasser, Volunteer

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Portland Community College

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Concerned Citizen, 21 years

Community Involvement: Write Around Portland, Outside In, Street Yoga, In Other Words, Food Not Bombs, FreeGeek, Goose Hollow Family Shelter, Sunday Parkways, Curious Comedy, Meals on Wheels, Flying Focus, Bicycle Transportation Alliance, SMYRC, Portland Parks Bureau, Quest Center for Integrative Health, Occupy Portland

Change doesn’t come in the form of new leadership. It comes in the hearts of People.

Social Justice
I’m the only Mayoral Candidate of African-American descent. Every year we deal with the same issues of equity, and continue asking the same privileged groups to institutionalize justice for disenfranchised minorities. I strive to highlight three ‘Isms’: Racism, Classism, and Ageism. We can only reverse systemic oppression by empowering marginalized groups to be in the forefront of our government.

Common Sense Economy
I’ll promote creative solutions outside of trickle-down economics by employing a new class of working, spending People. Evolving from this recession relies on returning economic freedom to our citizens. True sustainability is achieved by increasing local production, guiding development funding with state and county to rebuild Portland’s industry. Portland can become a leading icon of self-sufficiency in America.

Public Power
We need a transformation in our government, where democracy exists outside of 4-year electoral cycles. The public exercises their basic freedoms when they have the tools to independently shape city policy. I will design a permanently staffed Charter Review Commission to become a Pioneer in progressive reform.

Philosophic Principles
I’ve refused corporate money and limited individual donations to $200, keeping private interests from disproportionately influencing my campaign.

I pledge to reduce my salary to full-time minimum wage, preserving spending for our cities’ priorities. Politics is not a career, the honor is to serve.

Now is our chance to make a difference. Help me inspire the World.

Please Call Me! 503-890-5716.

Endorsements: Pacific Green Party, Portland Chapter and Oregon Progressive Party

(This information furnished by Cameron Whitten)

The above information has not been verified for accuracy by Multnomah County.