City of Portland Commissioner,  Position 1


OCCUPATION: Lease Driver-Radio Cab; Small Business Advocate-Consultant; President Tranzbyte Corp.

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Teamster #305; Extra Man Radio- Cab Driiver; Lobbist- Radio Cab in Oregon Legislation; Petersons Convenience Store -2008 (SW Morrison Store) City of Portland; Investment Broker/Banker; Small Business Start-up Consulting. Co-founded a retail bookstore and wholesale magazine company that brought Rolling Stone and Whole Earth magazines to the Northwest.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Creswell High School (Collage Prep); U of O Night School while in High School; U of O General Science-Economics degree with course work in Urban, Development, International.

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Write in Candidate for Eugene City Council-1968; Candidate Eugene City Council-1972; Democratic Precinct Committeeman 1972-82 Lane County; Democratic Precinct Committeeman 1984-present Mult.Co; Appointed Licensing Bureau Advisory Committee 1985-1993 by Mayor Bud Clark.

We need to refocus Portland City Commissioners priorities. Public safety should be the first goal. We need to keep the Fire and Police departments at full strength not cut street level deployments.

Our cities streets are not being repaved as fast as they are worn out. Transportation has a funding gap over $170 million with plus 62 miles not even paved. Taxpayers are forced to fund other parts of Portland for 20yrs while living on dirt streets with very little grading or gravel. Water and Sewer rates go up but these funds are used for pet projects.

Pay the bills, while there are short term funds to keep Portland’s budget current. We are getting hundreds of millions behind in Fire and Police pension contributions.

I am asking for your Vote. I have not seeked any endorsements. I am looking for small individual funding. Please send your $50 State of Oregon Tax credit through my website.

(This information furnished by David G Gwyther)

The above information has not been verified for accuracy by Multnomah County.