City of Portland Commissioner,  Position 1


OCCUPATION: Owner of Intrinsic Group, LLC; Full Service business development and management firm. Based in Dallas Texas and host to clients in 222 countries globally. We cater to the client who sees efficiency as the key to success. From company set up to accounting our company does it all. We develop operational functions and developmental process to improve your business bottom line.

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon; Client Services Manager; Bank of America; Loan Officer and Manager of Sales Support in the Loan Star Dept; TXU Deregulated Energy Market; Business mergers and acquisitions and online sales; Con Way Transportation; Logistics and Accounting

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Jefferson Highschool Class of 1988; PCC/ Trend College; Accounting and Business Management; Western Business College; Accounting; University of Phoenix; Associates in applied sciences of Accounting


The world is changing and the great City of Portland will not be left behind at this critical juncture in our collective future. Many residents of Portland feel alienated from the establishment and the Cities politics and regressive policies that have quagmire of today. Our City has experienced a record high rate of childhood hunger, lack of graduating youth, homelessness and qualified and employable residents. There is hope for tomorrow. There is a hope for tomorrow. There is a vision for the future. There is a great Portland on the horizon. This is the reason our platform of Knowledge, Resource, Resolution resonates with so many people looking for the source of their solution. I plan to bring the voice of the general public to our City Council and by working with seasoned commissioners and a capable Mayor I feel we can bridge the gap between our politics and the people that it represents. This will help us work “Better Together” let’s work to elevate our expectations of the future on May 15th 2012. You have an opportunity to reclaim our future and actualize the dream of a better Portland by supporting our campaign with your vote.

(This information furnished by The Committee to Elect Teressa Raiford 2012 Portland City Council)

The above information has not been verified for accuracy by Multnomah County.