City of Portland Commissioner,  Position 4


OCCUPATION: For twenty five years have renovated and offered affordable rental houses to OHSU students and scientists. Writing a children’s book that encourages resourcefulness and ingenuity. Assisting our fourth child with his vintage auto restoration, 1968 122S Volvo.

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Have been licensed in real estate and life insurance. 1982 to 1995 assisted my wife in developing the Portland Jazzercise franchise. One of the founding families for Spanish Immersion at Ainsworth Elementary. Self-taught on machinery; lathe, milling, automobile restorations, fine woodworking, welding, home building. Have restored vintage automobiles and homes.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Marylhurst University; Rogue Community College; Santa Rosa Junior College; English, math, law, history


Portland is becoming a government increasingly hostile to economic growth.

Regulation has become strangulation, as city agencies prevent, rather than guide, economic growth and opportunity. It is time to stop experimenting with the people’s money on projects which cost much and yield little.

As City Councilor I am committed to represent you with:

  1.  Authenticity-I will work to insure that all decisions are viewed through the lens of the taxpayer, who make city government possible.
  2.  Business Tax - Weekly Trash- Portland-Metro charges an added four percent tax on businesses in Portland. Neighboring counties do not make this fatal mistake and enjoy the benefits of large job creators. Customers who want weekly garbage pickup should have it.
  3. Common Sense and Reason: If the streets are full of pot holes, especially in East County, repair them before putting in new bike lanes or before spending millions on endless studies. If you are building a bridge make sure you know how tall it needs to be, before spending precious tax payers’ dollars. If we continue to elect the same sort of individuals into our city hall you cannot expect different results. This town was built on common sense; let’s revive the practice of using it as a basis for making good decisions.

(This information furnished by Scott McAlpine for Commissioner Position 4)

The above information has not been verified for accuracy by Multnomah County.