Multnomah County Commissioner, District #1


OCCUPATION: Systems Integrator/VAR

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Licensed Deck Officer, U.S. Merchant Marine (Retired); Tire Distributor; U.S. Navy Submarine Veteran.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Clark College, General Education; Kildall’s Nautical School, Third Mate License; Portland State University, Oregon State Government.



•   A woman’s right to choose!

•   Collective bargaining!

•   Resolving New Jail issue!

•   Rebuilding our roads!



•   New taxes without voter approval!

•   Use of road funds to support Sheriff’s Patrol!

•   Use of convict labor!


Multnomah County has a budget of about 1.4 billion dollars. Most of this money comes from State and Federal funds and must be spent as required by law. About 400 million dollars of its budget comes from local property taxes and user fees. These funds are available to be spent by the Multnomah County Commission.

Due to voter imposed limits on property taxes these funds are decreasing. At the same time, State and Federal funds are also decreasing, so, more of these funds have to be used to meet these State and Federal mandates. This means that without new sources of revenue Multnomah County’s ability to deliver services is decreasing. So, what is the Multnomah Counties plan for the future?

The Multnomah County Commission has no plan! Commissioners are at the mercy of their contributors, mostly PAC’s and lobbyists. They meet privately to guard their own interests. Meanwhile, roads and bridges deteriorate as well as services to the poor and elderly.

Wes Soderback does not accept money from lobbyist or PAC’S!

“Together we can make Multnomah County better”

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