City of Portland Mayor


OCCUPATION: Sales Consultant and Screen and Book Writer (Ind. Contractor)

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Real estate broker; firefighter @ BLM – Vale, OR; customer service & former educator and union actor

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Pro schools – Real estate; Cal-State Northridge – psychology (BA); Los Angeles City College – Human Services (AA)

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Student Gov' t @ LACC – for Handicapped Affairs

Brothers and sisters of Portland, Oregon, I am running for mayor because I see a vision like no tomorrow.

I am the "people's mayor" and plan on being your voice to make changes where I plan on bringing diversity and a voice to this city—where people come first.

Since day one of my speaking forums I am focused on NO MORE HOMELESS on our streets, to JOBS in Portland and community coming together. If we don't help each other out—we will sink like the Titanic did and faster, are you with me?

I plan on working hands-on with schools to downsize classrooms so students can succeed and not fall thru the cracks of education. I will work with social services, sex offenders, mentally ill, police department and transportation to feel safer as a community and supporting our small businesses from closing down over the bigger companies.

I have my work cut out for me my friends and I plan on bringing WE THE PEOPLE back where people come first, and politics don't have the last and final word without our consent.

My background is in sales, firefighting, real estate broker, former educator, union actor, screen and book writer, to dad of a future soccer superstar like Messi and the other greats.

Please vote me in and email me to see my vision at

I will be a hands-on mayor from day one and hitting the streets to getting my vision, message and voice out so we become the place for jobs, families and people can prosper.

Sincerely yours,

Loren Charles Brown

"The People's Mayor 2012"

(This information furnished by  Loren Charles Brown)

The above information has not been verified for accuracy by Multnomah County.