Director, Position 6, At-Large

Photo of Kristin CornuelleKristin Cornuelle

Occupation: Attorney; Mother of two children in public school.

Occupational Background: Director, Workforce Investment Board; Vocational Rehabilitation Services Manager; Executive, Non-Profit for Children and Adults with Disabilities.

Educational Background: Princeton University, B.A., Molecular Biology; UC Hastings, J.D.

Prior Governmental Experience: MESD, Board of Directors (2017-present); Workforce Investment Board, Board Chair & Vice Chair

Current School Involvement: Foundation Auction Chair, Classroom volunteer, Sports coach

Past Community Involvement: PTA President, Family Violence Appellate Project; Homeless Legal Services Project; Legal Aid Society-Family Advocacy Program; Sexual Assault Counselor; Teen Crisis Hotline Volunteer

Advocacy * Innovation * Equity * Inclusion * Transparency

Kristin’s education priorities:

  • Advocate for sufficient funding for all students in MESD & our public schools
  • Build more inclusive and equitable opportunities for students with disabilities
  • Prioritize equity and inclusion for all youth regardless of background
  • Ensure a voice for children with disabilities and youth experiencing trauma
  • Increase support for front-line educators, school nurses and caregivers in MESD

“I think Kristin Cornuelle is one of the hardest working Board members on MESD. She is a consensus builder and a team player. We need her back.” – Mary Botkin, Director, Mary Botkin & Associates

Endorsed by:
Stand for Children
Mary Botkin, Director, Mary Botkin & Associates
Susie Jones
Denyse Peterson, MESD Board of Director
Helen Ying, Multnomah Education Service District Board Director

(This information furnished by Kristin Cornuelle.)

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Director, Position 6, At-Large

Photo of Shira NewmanShira Newman

Occupation: Full time mother of two children: one in a charter public high school, one homeschooled.

Occupational Background: Business Analyst, Southstar Energy; Forecast Analyst, AGL Resources; Operations Research Analyst, Intercontinental Hotels Group; Risk and Statistical/Trading Analyst at Mirant Corporation

Educational Background: Penn State University, B.S., Mathematics; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, M.S., Operations Research (Applied Mathematics)

Prior Governmental Experience: None

Community Involvement: Treasurer, Sisterhood, Congregation Shaarie Torah; Committee Member, Scouts BSA Troop #351; Volunteer, Chesed Committee (Committee to help people who need meals, help, and support), Congregation Shaarie Torah; Former Parent Liaison at Village Home Education Resource Center; Past Board Member, Congregation Shaarie Torah.

As someone with children who have been in public school, private school, charter schools, alternative programs, and homeschooled, I have a deep understanding that different children sometimes need different types of education. For at least the last 10 years, I have spent much time understanding different types of schools and understanding that education can mean many different things. This deep dive into education as a parent gives me a unique perspective of what it means to be in our local education system and how it directly affects our children.

As your next MESD director, I will have these main priorities:

  • Ensure that the focus of the MESD is on students and that the goals of the mission statement and strategic plan are fulfilled.
  • Help guide the MESD administration to ensure that it is is efficient and effective and able to support the staff so that their working environment allows for them to focus on student needs while feeling valued and supported.
  • Ensure that all children regardless of their background have access to the educational support that they need

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(This information furnished by Shira Newman.)

The above information has not been verified for accuracy by Multnomah County.