Commissioner, Position 4

Picture of Mingus MappsMingus Mapps

Occupation: Community Organizer

Occupational Background: Program Coordinator, Crime Prevention and Neighborhood Association System, City of Portland; Executive Director, Historic Parkrose Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative; Professor, Brandeis University; Visiting Fellow, Harvard

Educational Background: Reed College BA, Cornell University PhD

Prior Governmental Experience: Program Coordinator, City of Portland; Government Relations, Portland Public Schools; Assistant to Multnomah County Chair


Mingus Mapps is running because he believes Portland can only reach its full potential if all voices are at the table. Portland is diverse and our city council should look like the people who live here. Portland needs a leader who is truly one of us - that’s Mingus.

Mingus is an accountable, transparent leader with the experience we need to address Portland’s toughest challenges. Mingus will:


  • Work to reform our city charter and advocate for regionally based city council districts so Portlanders across the city are represented.
  • Hire a city manager so all city bureaus work effectively together.


  • Create supportive housing for those who are chronically homeless and build more affordable housing citywide.
  • Dramatically increase funding for short-term rental assistance programs so struggling Portlanders can stay in their homes.
  • Coordinate services addressing homelessness across city bureaus.


  • Support and expand our neighborhood associations so every voice is heard.
  • Bring back community policing and crime prevention.
  • Fight climate change so that Portland is a livable city now and in the future.

“Portlanders deserve to be represented by someone with real experience. As someone who knows the ins and outs of City Hall, I can tell you Mingus is that leader.” - Mark Wells, Former Crime Prevention Program Coordinator

These organizations and community leaders proudly support Mingus:

Portland Community College Federation of Faculty and Academic Professionals
Columbia Pacific Building Trades
Portland Metropolitan Association of REALTORS
Mary Wendy Roberts, Former Labor Commissioner
Denyse Peterson, Multnomah Education Service District Board Member

For a full list, visit

(This information furnished by Mingus Mapps for Portland City Council.)

Commissioner, Position 4

Picture of Seth Alan WoolleySeth Alan Woolley

Occupation: Doppler Weather Radar Software Engineer

Occupational Background: GPS Satellite Navigation Software for Personal Transportation, Carpooling, and Food Delivery; Security Auditing

Educational Background: Northwest Public Schools; Willamette University, Computer Science

Prior Governmental Experience: Oregon State Legislative Campaign Finance Reform Task Force Member; Oregon Secretary of State Redistricting Task Force Member; Pacific Green Party of Oregon State Secretary; Honest Elections Portland Campaign Finance Reform Ballot Measure Co-author

Prior Volunteer Experience: Portland Clean Air and Cascadia Action Founder; Campaign Finance Analyst and Watchdog; Salem Citizens for Livable Communities Secretary

Supported or Endorsed by: 500+ small grassroots donations; Progressive Party of Oregon; Portland Clean Air


"Seth Woolley is a whip-smart government wonk." —Willamette Week, 10/16/2012

Seth's approach to government is similar to his professional life: dig deep into data and records, look for significant problems, and propose and implement data-driven, popular solutions.

Before Seth's public record work at Portland Clean Air, there was no systematic or online mapped analysis of polluters across the Portland metro region. Neighbors only learned of air pollution discharges based on what they could smell, reports of failed reverse-911 phone calls, or bouts of investigative journalism.

The root cause of not regulating air quality with concern for public health was Oregon's system of unlimited political bribery in the form of big money campaign donations. Before Seth's analysis for Honest Elections, work to get campaign finance reform on the ballot, and active enforcement with official complaints and court filings, Portland's political campaigns were heavily funded by big money donors and special interests with matters before council.

Political staffers are often campaign workers reaping patronage instead of competent administrators. Portland's ethics rules remain weak and ineffective. Seth will appoint good government reformers to the Portland Charter Commission to help deeply fix public corruption and to reform our antiquated commissioner form of government.


(This information furnished by Friends of Seth for Portland.)

Commissioner, Position 4

Picture of Keith WilsonKeith Wilson

Occupation: President, TITAN Freight Systems

Occupational Background: Supervisor, TITAN Freight Systems

Educational Background: University of Portland, MBA; Oregon State, BS; Portland Community College; Roosevelt High School

Prior Governmental Experience: Vision Zero Expert

Community Engagement: Transition Projects Rent Well Houseless Program Mentor; Youth Basketball Coach

In difficult times we need proven, committed, caring leaders, with vision and a record of success creating and sustaining large complex systems. That is who I am, and I’d be honored to earn your vote.
Let’s reTHINK Portland.

Keith’s Top Priorities Include HOUSING FOR ALL AGES AND STAGES

  • Build Smaller and Faster: Deeply affordable micro units for those with limited means or who are downsizing.
  • Lower Fees for Affordable Housing Builders
  • Partner with Neighborhoods: Create Local Housing Plans


  • Stop Normalizing Street Camping: It’s inhumane and unsafe. We must provide shelter with consolidated on-site services.
  • Decriminalize Homelessness: 52% of all arrests in Portland are of homeless people. Establish a Homeless Court Program that channels people into programs not jails.


  • Housing not Handcuffs: Employment, job training, and transitional housing for those coming out of incarceration. It’s the right thing to do and the most cost effective.
  • Hate Speech Is Not Free Speech: Zero tolerance for violence masquerading as protest.


  • Clean Fuels Now: My company uses Renewable Diesel reducing our carbon and dangerous emissions up to 60%. If we can, Portland can!
  • Carbon Neutral by 2030: Convert all City of Portland vehicles to electric and carbon free fuels by 2030.


  • Give More Support, Not Less: Neighborhoods are part of the fabric of Portland. They need more support not less, especially underserved and under-resourced neighborhoods.

Leaders You Can Trust Endorse Keith
Mariah Dula, Neighborhood Association Leader
Mark Johnston, Former Asst Sec US Department of Housing
Angus Duncan, Chair, Oregon Global Warming Commission
Chris Aiosa, Chair, Do Good
Lisa Ortquist, CPA
McKenna Fielding, RN
Dr. Todd Kuether
Kevin Murphy, Portland Fire Fighter

For more information

(This information furnished by Keith for Portland.)

Commissioner, Position 4

Picture of Chloe EudalyChloe Eudaly

Occupation: Portland City Commissioner

Occupational Background: Small business owner; community advocate; nonprofit program administrator

Educational Background: Portland Community College, Honors Program

Prior Governmental Experience: Multnomah County Cultural Coalition; PPS District Parent Involvement Committee

Community Involvement: Co-founder, Special Education PTA of Portland; Co-founder, Independent Publishing Resource Center

Portland Association of Teachers; Community Alliance of Tenants Action Fund; SunrisePDX; OurRevolution; APANO; U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley; U.S. Senator Ron Wyden; Congressman Earl Blumenauer; Representative Diego Hernandez; Metro President Lynn Peterson; City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty; Former City Commissioner Steve Novick; Housing advocate Israel Bayer; Enviromental Activist Bob Sallinger

(visit for more!)


In 2016, Chloe Eudaly was motivated to run for City Council by our affordable housing crisis, and in her first term she has delivered results:


  • Passed The Mandatory Rental Relocation Ordinance in the first 30 days of her first term to stabilize tenants during our housing emergency.
  • Passed The Fair Access in Renting Ordinance to lower barriers to housing and reduce discrimination.
  • Advocated for implementation of the current eviction moratorium during the COVID-19 crisis to keep Portlanders housed through the pandemic.


  • Championed the Portland Clean Energy Fund.
  • Co-created the strongest 100% Renewables Resolution in the country.
  • Developed the Rose Lane Project to make public transit faster, more frequent, and full.
  • Publicly OPPOSED the dirty Zenith Energy terminal in NW Portland.


  • Successfully fought for Universal Representation to provide Portlanders facing deportation proceedings with legal representation.
  • Increased access to City Hall. Equity begins with access. Chloe welcomed thousands of Portlanders to City Hall for the first time through numerous arts and culture events.


See what Commissioner Chloe Eudaly has planned for her next term at

Learn more and join the team:

(This information furnished by Chloe Eudaly.)

Commissioner, Position 4

Picture of Sam AdamsSam Adams

Occupation: Public Policy and Government Improvement Consultant

Occupational Background: Director, US Program, World Resources Institute; Executive Director, City Club of Portland; Dishwasher, Mr. Steak

Educational Background: Portland State University, University of Oregon

Prior Governmental Experience: Portland Mayor; Portland Commissioner; Portland Mayor Vera Katz, Chief of Staff; District Staff, Oregon U.S. Representative Peter DeFazio

A vision for Portland’s future.  A track record of delivering it.

COVID-19 has harmed people we care about, frayed our social connections, damaged our health and financial security.

That’s why Portland needs a leader with a proven track record of getting tough stuff done during tough times. Someone tested. Someone who works relentlessly. Someone who delivers results.

That’s what Sam Adams offers. It’s never been more important.

Leadership when it counts

“Floods, snowstorms, riots, recessions… Sam has helped guide Portland through it all, as a strong and steady leader. We need that City Council experience now.”—Sheriff Mike Reese

“...even his toughest critics acknowledged by the end of his term that he had been an accomplished mayor.” —Willamette Week, 7/24/19

Sustainable, equitable recovery centered on jobs, workers, small businesses

“Sam was Portland’s Mayor during the Great Recession. He fast-tracked construction projects, supported small businesses, got people back to work. We can count on him to do it again.” — Fay Burch, John Mohlis, Joe Esmonde, Fred Sanchez - labor and business leaders

Support for vulnerable communities

Sam made investments to help people stay in their homes. He provided more assistance to the unemployed and shelter for the houseless. Now he has a plan to help Portlanders again.” —Doreen Binder and Steve Rudman – affordable housing advocates

Fighting for all Portland families

“No one in this race has done more to support public schools. We trust Sam’s unbreakable commitment to help reopen schools and put our students and families first.” —Gwenn Sullivan, Ann Nice, Rebecca Levison — Teachers’ union past presidents

More Endorsers, Record and Vision at:

(This information furnished by Friends of Sam Adams.)

The above information has not been verified for accuracy by Multnomah County.