Corbett School District

Director, Position 2

Todd Mickalson

Occupation: LV  Electrical GF

Occupational Background: LV Electrical

Educational Background: Corbett HS, Lane Comm College

Prior Governmental Experience: CSD Board of Directors

Corbett is home. Many in the community know me well. 2 years ago, District voters, voted in 2 new candidates to help work on several important issues for the community. Decrease the CSD student population, get a small bond passed so we could get the students and staff out of the current failing middle school building, increase CTE, decreasing the amount of required AP classes, while still maintaining a robust AP offering for the students. These were all things that the community felt were important during the Saxton report process. We were able to accomplish those ideas swiftly. We need to continue to slowly reduce student population to fit comfortably in our CSD building footprints. This process needs to be done affordably and equitably. We know the community cannot afford a bond for the square footage needed for a new high school at the current population. The previous Superintendent stated often that we needed to add 80 students so the school district could survive. After much research I found there were ways of cost savings and was able to point it out during the budget processes. The board only allowed 40. This was still a decrease in population, but not as much as planned. This brought up something I never thought would happen in Corbett, “Cancel Culture”. Smears and mistruths by a small group to question my character and family name. They thought adding the 80 students was the only option CSD had. Staying positive, focused and with support of my wife, children and community members, we got the job done. If re-elected, I will continue to do what’s right for the Corbett community and students attending the district. “This election will be a litmus test” as to the direction the community wants CSD to go. To keep CSD going in the right direction, vote for Todd Mickalson.

(This information furnished by Todd Mickalson)

Director, Position 2

Vanessa Lyon

Occupation: Naturopathic Family Doctor and Midwife

Occupational Background: Practicing medicine for 11 years

Educational Background: University of Portland, BA; National University of Natural Medicine, ND

Prior Governmental Experience: Visions and Values Committee; Corbett School District

As a family doctor, my ultimate goal is the health and wellness of families. This last year has been incredibly challenging

in terms of the physical and emotional wellbeing for almost everyone, especially our children. The unique challenges of meeting the needs of our children while balancing the health and safety of teachers and staff will be especially acute this next year. I have a particular passion to ensure students have access to mental health services, a physically safe school environment, and diverse academic opportunities. Not only

do we need to meet these needs now, we as a school district must create a strategic 5-10 year plan, so these needs in addition to others, are met each and every year.

If elected, I intend to advocate for the following:

  • Consider “Kids First” in all decision making
  • Viable plan for a safe building for our middle school students
  • Commitment to ethical leadership
  • Thorough, community involved search for permanent Superintendent
  • Commit to stable funding for quality programs (academics, arts, sports, counseling, CTE)
  • Continue the work addressing Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Antiracism
  • Improved communications from Board and District with Corbett community

It would be an honor to serve on the Corbett School board. My children have thrived in this district and I look forward to helping shape an even brighter future for all Corbett students.

Proud to be endorsed by the following members of the Corbett community:
Michelle Vo, Chair, Corbett School Board
David Gorman, Vice Chair, Corbett School Board
Bob Buttke, Corbett School Board member
Stephanie Nystrom, Corbett School Budget Committee
Andre Bell-Watkins, Firefighter
Summer Bell-Watkins, Teacher and Corbett Graduate
Jennifer Prince, Teacher
Daniel Prince, Educator

(This information furnished by Vanessa Lyon)

Director, Position 3

Michelle Vo

Occupation: Architect and Vice President at Hennebery Eddy Architects in Portland.

Occupational Background: Architect with experience designing public and private K-12 schools, fire stations, commercial, and aviation projects. Leader of our firm’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee.

Educational Background: University of Washington, Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies; Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc), Master of Architecture.

Prior Governmental Experience: Corbett School Board, current Board Chair; Oregon School Boards Association (OSBA), former Board Member and Legislative Policy Committee Member; former City of Gresham Design Commissioner.

Clarity of Mission
Corbett kids deserve the best learning environment we can give them. This means in-person learning in safe facilities with educators empowered and supported by their leaders and community to do their best for each child.

I believe our immediate priorities should be:

  • Return to In-Person Instruction – helping each student recover from lost academic progress and emotional stress.
  • Responsible Bond Projects – manage bond projects to achieve as much as we can with the dollars in hand.
  • Budget and Enrollment – right-size the District to achieve a balance of enrollment and budget, providing a close- knit school community offering rich academic and extra- curricular opportunities.
  • Build a Diverse Community – empowering students and providing diverse perspectives with initiatives aimed at improving diversity, equity and inclusion impacting all levels of our campus communities.
  • Stabilize Leadership – fill the position of permanent superintendent through a public process to establish stabilized leadership.

I will focus on these priorities by:

  • Supporting academic recovery and in-person instruction, bringing our kids back strong from the pandemic.
  • Maximizing our bond dollars by responsibly overseeing design and construction activities.
  • Responsibly managing enrollment reductions that balance budget and school size concerns.
  • Advocating for improvements in diversity, equity and inclusion at all levels of our campus communities.
  • Filling our permanent superintendent position through a robust public process.

Corbett kids deserve our best!

(This information furnished by Michelle Vo)

Director, Position 4

David Granberg

Occupation: Electrician, IBEW LU 48, 2000-Present

Occupational Background: Electrical Apprentice; Inside Wireman; Foreman; General Foreman

Educational Background: NECA-IBEW 48 Training Center, Oregon General Journeyman Electrical License; Corbett Schools, Diploma

Prior Governmental Experience: Corbett interim Superintendent Advisory Committee 2020

I ask for your vote to join the Corbett School Board so that I might help in bringing more exposure and education to students with a desire and an aptitude towards crafts, trades and technical training at the same level as the AP curriculum that has been offered. While I fully support helping the kids that can take full advantage of AP classes and tests, I feel that too long we have neglected a large population of children that will thrive in careers that will not require them to bury themselves in lifelong debt from a University. As a graduating member of CHS in 1997 I can speak first hand as to how successful a student can be without enrolling in higher education.

I currently spend some of my free time showing young people about profitable trades jobs that aren’t traditionally discussed in schools. As someone who has mentored youth I can speak to how college is an appropriate choice for some, but not others.

I have lived my entire life in Corbett. Both of my parents, all four of my grandparents, my wife and myself all graduated from Corbett High School. Our household currently has three children attending Corbett Schools. My volunteering in coaching sports started when I was 16 and continued over many years here in Corbett. Last year I was on the interim Superintendent advisory committee and would like to help finalize the position.

A full and robust community and economy both require a full range of talents and careers in order to function. I ask that  you allow me to help the administration and the very talented teaching staff at Corbett help our children in reaching their full potential.

(This information furnished by David Granberg)

Director, Position 4

Leah Fredericks

Occupation: Project Manager Development, T-Mobile

Occupational Background: 20 years of experience in project management and development focused on real estate, permitting, construction and regulatory compliance.

Educational Background: Hamline University, BA Environmental Studies/ Business; Portland State University, Master of International Management

Prior Governmental Experience: NA

Growing up, I received an amazing public school education and became the first person in my family to receive a Master’s degree.  I want to be able to share what I have learned through education and work experience to ensure that all  CSD students have that same opportunity. I am seeking this position because I see the challenges we face in guaranteeing the long-term security of our programs and teachers and providing safe facilities for our students.

As a member of the CSD Board of Directors I will:

  • Call on my extensive background in facilities development and budgeting to create safe spaces for our students to learn.
  • Help select a Superintendent that shares our values of inclusion, fiscal responsibility, sustainable class sizes, mental health support and providing the excellent education that Corbett is known for.
  • Collaborate openly and transparently with community members, board members and District stakeholders to evaluate challenges and perform the due diligence

necessary to make informed and confident decisions that will serve CSD students for years to come.

While we do face challenges, CSD has dedicated and passionate teachers and staff, involved parents and amazing students that have overcome unprecedented circumstances this past year. As a fellow Corbett resident and parent of a Corbett student, I look forward to supporting all of us as we look forward to the future!

Proud to be endorsed by the following members of the Corbett community:
Michelle Vo, Chair, Corbett School Board
David Gorman, Vice Chair, Corbett School Board
Bob Buttke, Corbett School Board member
Stephanie Nystrom, Corbett School Budget Committee
Andre Bell-Watkins, Firefighter
Summer Bell-Watkins, Teacher and Corbett Graduate
Daniel Prince, Educator
Jennifer Prince, Teacher

(This information furnished by Leah Fredericks)

Director, Position 5

Bob Buttke

Occupation: Small Business Owner, General Contractor – Commercial Project Manager, Consultant

Occupational Background: Owner/Project  Manager CHE Group, LLC, present; Estimating & Design Consulting, present; Project Manager CE Snodgrass Construction, 1995-2009; Vice President Market Contractors, Ltd, 1984-1995; Office/Construction Manager Yacht Constructors, 1972-1984

Educational Background: Portland State University, B.S. - Business and Accounting, graduated with honors; Mt. Hood Community College, business; Grant High School.

Prior Governmental Experience: Current: Corbett School Board, Director and Corbett Education Foundation, Trustee/ Treasurer.

I am a long-time resident of Corbett, where my wife Catherine and I have contributed to building a great community and raised two daughters who attended Corbett Schools. I deeply appreciate the history and the accomplishments of the district and the efforts of other hardworking members of the community who have helped to preserve one of Corbett’s greatest assets. I thank all who voted for me and who have helped in this work over the last four years.

I believe board members should consider students first, whether supporting the continuation of the good work of the schools or making significant financial decisions. My goals for the next four years are to help Corbett students continue to be among the most successful in Oregon, build on our strengths and help preserve the interests of the community. I know what it takes to make the tough decisions and I have worked in unison with board members, educators, and parents toward these common goals.

My relationships in the community, my experience managing resources and projects, and finding solutions will continue to be an asset for the Board. We will work as a team, dedicated to the business of the district, creating the optimal learning and working environment.

Your vote for me will be a vote to support quality education for Corbett students, provide the necessary resources to accomplish this and to continue creating genuine partnerships to address real challenges.

(This information furnished by Bob Buttke)