Military and Overseas Voter InformationMultnomah County Military/Overseas Voters' Guide

The Military/Overseas Voters' Guide contains candidate statements and measure arguments submitted for inclusion in the Multnomah County Voters' Pamphlet for the May 15, 2018 Primary Election. The information has not been edited for erroneous endorsements and is not accompanied by candidate photographs. If there is not a statement for a candidate on your ballot, that candidate did not file a statement.

Multnomah County and Metro candidate statements are available to view on March 14, 2018, when they become public record. City of Portland candidates and Measure arguments will be available to view on March 23, 2018, when they become public record. The Oregon Secretary of State also provides a State Military and Overseas Voters' Guide.

UOCAVA Letter - May 2018 (319.28 KB)
Map of Metro Council and Multnomah County Commissioner Districts (126.77 KB)


Multnomah County Chair

Multnomah County Auditor

Multnomah County Sheriff

Multnomah County Commissioner Dist #2

City of Portland Commissioner, Pos. 2

City of Portland Commissioner, Pos. 3

City of Portland Auditor

Metro Council President

Metro Auditor

Metro Councilor, District 1

Metro Councilor, District 2

Ballot Measures

City of Portland Measure 26-197 -  Renew Portland Children's Levy for five years (94.92 KB) - Voters' pamphlet deadline 3/19/2018.

Beaverton School District Measure 34-284 -  Levy Renewal to Protect Beaverton Schools Teachers and Class Sizes (168.83 KB)