OCCUPATION: Leadman Lineman - Portland General Electric

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: 24 years of experience at Portland General Electric, first 9 years worked at various Thermal Generation Plants. Also spent many years as a Union Shop Steward, Unit chairman, and served on 2 contract negotiations teams with I.B.E.W. Local 125.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: High School Graduate; completed Lineman Apprenticeship at P.G.E.

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: None As a journeyman lineman, I would bring my 24 years of experience in powerline and generation work to the Public Utility Board. We need to ensure reliability of the power system, quality service, low rates, and a safe, friendly, and productive workforce. Electricity is the lifeblood of our economy. Until we have stability in our local power company with local ownership, business will not have much incentive to invest here. Ratepayers deserve to know that their money is being well spent right here in Oregon.

Our first priority should be to retain all the quality P.G.E. employees as possible. Also I do not think that it is necessary to condemn Pacific Power and Light's power system at this time, unless their ratepayers overwelmingly vote to join the P.U.D.

(This information furnished by David D. Covington)


OCCUPATION: Self employed

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: U.S. Army - Military Police; Presidio, California 1983-1984, Panama 1984-1986; Fred Meyer - 1989 to 2003; Customer Service Representative

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Defense Language Institute - Spanish Language Training, 1983 to 1984; Business Administration, B.S., Western Oregon State College, Monmouth 1989.

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Northwest Gresham Neighborhood Association - President, 2 years; Member - Water Resource Policy Advisory Committee - Metro, 2 years; Pleasant Valley Steering Committee - member

As East Multnomah County’s Director for the PUD, I will work hard to faithfully represent the citizens of all of Multnomah County. I will also ensure that the citizens of Wood Village, Fairview, Troutdale, Gresham and East Portland are fairly considered.

The P.U.D is an environmental choice. This will be a consumer-owned utility. We will guide our energy future by electing and holding accountable the Directors, unlike the current CEO and Board Officers of PGE.

The P.U.D. needs a diverse portfolio of alternative and renewable energy choices. Conservation solar, wind, geothermal, micro-hydro (salmon-safe) and hydrogen fuel cell storage technology. As President of the nonprofit Friends of the Clackamas River, I see that a P.U.D. will help save endangered Salmon in the Clackamas and Willamette Rivers by allowing the P.U.D. to engage in the new Dam licenses in 2005. A rare opportunity to save salmon, by replacing ancient fish ladders and investing habitat restoration dollars back into these watersheds. The days of sacrificing salmon for the production of electricity is over. Fish - friendly and environmentally benign power production alternatives must be invested in -now! Oregon can lead the nation once again. Domestic energy independence while protecting this beloved region.

I host an environmental radio show on 90.7 FM-KBOO for over 13 years. My strength in environmental issues will be my most valuable asset. Customer service and public outreach will be my highest priorities, using my years of retail business experience. A AUFCW-Local 555 member for 13 years, I will support all the currently employed worker’s of PGE.

Any questions?



Thank You.

(This information furnished by Scott Forrester)


OCCUPATION: Staff member, Congressman Earl Blumenauer, US House of Representatives; Public Involvement Consultant


EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Fernwood Elementary School; Central Catholic High School; Oberlin College, A.B.; LBJ School of Public Affairs, University of Texas at Austin, MPA

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Democratic Precinct Person; Rosemont Committee Chair; Mental Health Services West board member and Chair; Piedmont Neighborhood Association Chair; Portland Community Involvement Task Force.

Oregon’s economy relies on some of the cheapest, most reliable energy in the nation.

But our rates will go up if the two power companies are taken over. Condemning and buying the utilities costs about two billion dollars. This means raising property taxes and electric rates to pay off purchasing bonds. Pacific Power’s rates are lower than PGE’s but they will be raised to a higher uniform rate. That means that we, Pacific Power customers, will become victims of Enron’s swindling too.

PUD supporters say they won’t take over Pacific Power. But the measure is written giving them authority to do so. If I am elected I will fight the takeover of Pacific Power.

PUDs often provide terrific service. But this proposal is purely a reaction to the crooks at Enron. It doesn’t solve our energy problems. In fact, it could make things worse.

This isn’t like buying a coffee cart. You need highly experienced people to manage an electric utility. Pacific Power and PGE operate two entirely different systems that can’t be merged without raising enormous costs and jeopardizing reliability. If we loose reliability and our rates go up, our community and workforce are in trouble. Can anyone promise an untried PUD won’t bungle the system, resulting in a blackout like the one in the East? We don’t know. There is no track record.

Business and labor interests both oppose this measure. When labor and business are on the same side of a cause, we should take notice.

I ask for your support.

(This information furnished by Tom Markgraf)


OCCUPATION: Editor, The Portland Alliance newspaper

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Private Investigator; Davis Wright Tremaine (9 yrs.); freelance (4 yrs.); Chair, Oregon Chapter Sierra Club; Freelance writer/publicist; Media Coordinator, Portland Jobs with Justice; Communications Director, Service Employees International Union Local 503; Chair, Police Accountability Campaign



Dave Mazza for Public Utility District Director

The people of Multnomah County need a secure energy future. Recent events in California show what happens when our energy future is entrusted to the likes of Enron. That’s why we need a public utility district now.

But that district won’t work if the elected leadership serves special interests rather than working families. We need public utility district directors committed to bringing the people of Multnomah a secure energy future.

I have that commitment. If elected, I will work to:

  • Create rates that are affordable for all and based on ability to pay
  • Make safe, sustainable, alternative energy a real priority
  • Retain experienced PGE workers and honor union contracts
  • Establish a transparent, democratic process involving the community at all levels
  • Develop policies and practices that keep energy dollars in the local economy
  • Protect the environment as we develop and deliver energy to our community
  • Cooperate with other public utility districts and municipal utility districts to create a more cost-effective, stable and sustainable energy future for the state and the region

In the coming years our county will face continued population growth, increased pressure on the built and natural environment and new economic demands as our economy continues to change. We need to be ready with strategies that are about people, not profits. We need to seize this amazing opportunity and take control of our energy future

Dave Mazza is a member of the Pacific Green Party, Metro Chapter

(This information furnished by Dave Mazza)


OCCUPATION: Tax Consultant/Enrolled Agent.

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: State Representative, Democrat; Union Boilermaker; Small business owner; U.S. Army.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Graduate Studies, Portland State; B.S. in Business from Linfield College; Benson Polytechnic High School.

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Mt. Hood Community College Board, eight years; elected Multnomah Labor Council, five years; State Representative, four years.

The people of Multnomah County are faced with a real dilemma; PGE is wholly owned by Enron, which has gone into bankruptcy because of the fraud of its president and board of directors. This fraudulent corporation has been exploiting the people of Oregon while contributing virtually nothing by way of taxes to support the government of Oregon and has regularly raised the cost of electricity to the people it is supposed to serve.

We are faced with the possibility that the bankruptcy court will take over PGE and sell off its assets and further increase the cost of electricity for consumers in Multnomah County. For this reason, I support the formation of Multnomah County PUD.

It is time for the people to take over this operation and run it for the public benefit. I am qualified to be a part of the governing board given my background in government and business.

My mission is to protect the public from electricity rate and tax increases.

Relevant Experience

I served on the Board of Directors for the Mt. Hood Community, where I fought to keep the cost of tuition down. As a member of the House of Representatives, I was the leading proponent for lowering the income tax rate from 10% to 9% and also advocated for lower property taxes. In my tenure, I served on the Revenue committee, where I made changes to the Oregon Tax Return that simplied the paperwork and saved tax payers money. I have been a tax consultant/enrolled agent since 1983, licensed to represent clients before the I.R.S. Prior to that, I owned and operated two other small businesses.

I respectfully request your support and your vote. Thank you for your time.

(This information furnished by Ron McCarty)


OCCUPATION: Oregon Wildlife Federation, Consultant

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Local 306, IATSE Projectionist; Bahamas Foundation Consultant; 1st Womens Credit Union Board Member; Cascadia Times, Chair of Board

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: University of Minnesota; Hunter College



In 1997, I was one of two legal intervenors who tried to short-circuit Enron’s purchase of PGE. Working for the No Endrun Committee, I testified to the Oregon Public Utilities Commission about the potential loss of regulatory control. OPUC would NOT have oversight of Enron’s books and profits. I also alerted political representatives of Enron’s corruption documented by the Human Rights Watch in 1995.

When I was appointed as US representative to the United Kingdom Board of Trades and Industry deliberations on the Pacific Power merger attempt in 1998, I testified for community choice for stewardship for our future. Pacific Power’s choice was for a massive coal plant at the height of the Kyoto Treaty Summit on global warming; the people’s choice was alternative energy and conservation. We prevailed as the proceeding led to the merger’s demise.

WE CAN CHOOSE AGAIN. You can VOTE for a better future. A Multnomah County PUD’s operation leaves the door open for monthly citizen participation with its locally elected Directors. You will be the planners and participants.

I have been active in energy, environmental, labor and trade agreement and peace and justice issues for over 30 years. I will take your vision to the Directorship of the Multnomah County PUD to secure a stewardship of our planet for generations to come.

Endorsees: State Senator Charles Ringo, Pamela Echeverio (School funding campaigns), Will Seaman (international peace volunteer), Carol Porto (Ancient Forest steward), Greg Palast (BBC Journalist), Oregon Wildlife Federation PAC, and OPPC.

(This information furnished by Nancy Newell)


OCCUPATION: Executive Director, Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility; Sole Proprietor, Praxis Consulting (Financial and Management consulting for small businesses and non-profits)

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Owner-Operator, Pacific Bottle Regeneration; Worker-Owner, Sunflower Recycling Co-op; Division Manager, Skookum Jump Rope; Freelance Journalist; Treasurer, Victory 2000, (Ralph Nader’s campaign for president, 2000); Co-Chair, Pacific Green Party of Oregon

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Master of Business Administration, Portland State University, 1999; BA, Reed College, 1986

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Director and Treasurer, East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District; Member, Portland Harbor Superfund Community Advisory Group

If you think that for-profit corporations always provide better service at lower cost than public institutions, take a look at PGE. Since it was taken over by ENRON, PGE’s waste, fraud and abuse has bilked Oregon ratepayers out of tens of millions of dollars and thereby greatly damaged Oregon’s economy. PGE now has the highest rates of any utility in the State of Oregon, including every one of Oregon’s PUDs.

PUDs provide better service at lower rates than private utilities - even those not owned by ENRON - because

  • PUDs don’t have to pad their rates to pay shareholders;
  • PUDs don’t have to pay corporate income taxes - those millions PGE collected from its ratepayers and then never paid to state and federal government;
  • PUDs get preferred rates from BPA;
  • The officials who direct PUDs are tasked to serve ratepayers and the community, not absentee owners, and they are accountable to you, the people who elect them.

If you want the Multnomah PUD to benefit our ratepayers and our community, vote for competent PUD directors dedicated to public power. I will be such a director:
I will work to

  • Lower rates,
  • Improve service,
  • Promote conservation,
  • Make Multnomah PUD a driving force behind the development of that ecological economy Oregonians have long talked about by investing as much as practical in clean, sustainable, and renewable power generation.

I will work towards these high ideals with dedication and competence. As a former business owner, a management consultant, and an MBA, I understand the botton-line necessity of allocating resources prudently and operating efficiently. As an elected director and treasurer of a Soil and Water Conservation District, I understand how government works, and sometimes doesn’t. From working many years in the non-profit sector I have learned that the organizations that make our community special are driven by ideals higher than pure profit.

VOTE YES on 26-51 and 26-52, VOTE for XANDER PATTERSON

(This information furnished by Xander Patterson)



OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Teacher, Portland Community College Adult Basic Skills Division; Executive Director, Fair Vote Oregon; State Secretary, Pacific Green Party of Oregon; Computer Helpdesk, Oregon Legislative Administration; Administrative Assistant, Environmental Federation of Oregon.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: B.A. Mathematics, Carleton College, Northfield, MN; Cleveland High School, Portland, OR.

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Board Member, Richmond Neighborhood Association; Polling Place Supervisor, Multnomah County.

My goals for the new People’s Utility District:

Affordable Power

Carefully select and take over those assets of PGE’s that can best supply inexpensive power. Buy supplementary power from local sources, such as the Bonneville Power Administration, rather than from the open market.

Safe, Secure, Sustainable Power

Investigate power sources like wind, solar, and geothermal that won’t run out or create toxic sludge. Gradually transition towards increased use of these sources.


Respect the diverse skills and experience of everyone involved in delivering power to the people of Multnomah County. Honor existing union contracts and continue paying livable wages on all future contracts.

“Fillard is competent, thorough, efficient, dedicated, and a team player. I would greatly enjoy working together with him on the PUD board.”

-Fellow candidate Xander Patterson
Elected official, East Multnomah Soil &
Water Conservation District

Please call me at 503-777-0117 if you have any questions. You can also visit my website at www.fillard.org. I would appreciate your vote.

Please vote YES on ballot measures 26-51 and 26-52.

(This information furnished by Fillard Rhyne)


OCCUPATION: Soil & Water Conservation District Administrator; Computer Consultant

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Computer Consultant; Economic Analyst; Warehouse worker

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Willamette University, Bachelor of Science, Majors in Economics & Political Science; Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, Master of Public Policy, focus on Energy & Natural Resources.

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Multnomah County Support Services Citizen’s Budget Advisory Committee(Chair); Metro Committee for Citizen Involvement; Oregon DEQ Green Permits Advisory Committee; Columbia Blvd Waste Water Treatment Plant Citizen Advisory Committee; Portland Harbor Community Advisory Group

Community ownership of our electric utility, will lead to tremendous benefits. The extent of these benefits will depend heavily on who serves on the Board of Directors.

I support:

  1. Immediate action to acquire the assets and service territory of PGE/Enron. Contrary to claims by PGE, transitions to a PUD elsewhere have proven to be quick, cheap and without disruption to customers or employees. I will not support action to acquire Pacific Power service territory, unless Pacific Power rate payers demand it.
  2. Retention of all line and service workers serving the acquired territory and assets. We need their experience and skils. It’s the ownership that must change.
  3. Continuation of collective bargaining contracts with PGE employees represented by a union, and support for the remaining 75% to join a union. Employees have seen their pension benefits destroyed by the criminal behavior of Enron. Vote for a PUD to protect future employee pensions.
  4. Expanded emphasis on the development of salmon friendly, and environmentally sustainable energy resources.
  5. Increased efforts to improve energy conservation, co-generation, and distributed power generation. Investor owned utilities rely heavily on large power generation, because it maximizes profits, but that dependence increases the risk of catastrophic blackouts.
  6. Utilizing the electric utility to improve community services and help sustain a strong local economy. Instead of sending hundreds of millions of dollars to Texas for Enron, those dollars will remain in our local economy through lower rates, better local jobs, and investment in our community.

(This information furnished by Jim Robison)


OCCUPATION: None - Retired

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Public School Teacher and Librarian- Paid; Bookkeeper - Paid and Unpaid; General Office Work - Paid and Unpaid

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Portland State University - Library Certificate; Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, M.A. in Education; Phoenix Union High School, Phoenix, AZ; St. Mary’s Elementary School, Phoenix, AZ

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Land Use Planning Committee, Scappoose, OR Appt.; Solid Waste Committee, Columbia Cy, OR Appt.; Board of Directors, Scappoose, OR, Public Library Appt.

In the early 1930’s, the Grange members of both Washington and Oregon set up the rules for forming a public utility district. Chapter #261, in the Oregon State Constitution, contains the directions for forming and operating a Public Utility District. Oregon now has almost thirty public utility districts, and now, it is time to form one more: the Public Utility District to take the place of Portland General Electric, which is still a part of Enron.

This history and my membership in the Grange has encouraged me to take an active part in the effort to form this Public Utility District. The Grange endorsed the Oregon Public Power Coalition early in its formation, continuing their long-time approval of Public Utility Districts.

There are many new developments in power production and distribution. The new Public Utility District will be able to investigate these new ideas and inventions and put in force those suitable for this part of the country.

There are two questions on this issue, one on whether to form the district, the second on whether to pass a levy of thirty cents on a $100,000 home, one time only.

I now ask you First, to vote yes to form a public utility district. Second, to vote yes to pass the one-time levy to pay for the engineering study. Third, to select five directors, presently at large, to conduct the business of this new Public Utility District

(This information furnished by Netta Mae Rymal)


OCCUPATION: Land MANAGEMENT Consultant; Freelance Writer

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Parks Supervisior, Portland Parks and Recreation; Captain, Oregon Army National Guard

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Kubasaki American High School (Diploma 1959); Portland Community College ( A/AS in Management)

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Director, Multnomah Education Service District (1979 - 1987); Precinct Committeeman

When the Multnomah County Public Utility District comes into being. The PUD shall by law offer employment to all of the employees of the Portland General Electric Company within the PUD boundry. It is the law and will give the PUD a dedicated and capable work force. That will deliver a continous flow of electricity to the customers, ratepayers and taxpayers of the PUD.

As a member of the PUD Board, it will be my duty see that the PUD delivers a continous flow of electricity to the customers / rate / tax payers of the PUD.

Memberships: American Legion; Elks; CCRBA; LEAA; NRA; OGO; OSSA; MOAA.

John Sweeney is a native Oregonian, a Promoter and Defender of the American Way of Life.

Voting is hiring. So vote for John Sweeney.

(This information furnished by John Sweeney)


OCCUPATION: Unemployed Engineer

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: MSEI (1995-2002) Software Engineer; Electronic Controls Design (1993) - Engineer; FLIR Systems (1989 -1991)- Control Systems Engineer; Misc. other engineering positions

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: M.S. Electrical Engineering, Portland State U. (2003) MS/ECE Degree; B.S. Electrical Engineering Cal State U. Fullerton (1981) (B.S. Engineering); A.A. Physics Program, Fullerton College (1978); OR State Registered Professional Engineer (1991)


Please support the Multnomah County PUD Measure. Our electricity is best controlled locally and this is best achieved with a People’s Utility District. We cannot continue to trust PGE/Enron while they raise our rates and take away local control.

If you support the P.U.D., please support my candidacy as well Thank You.

Myles Twete for P.U.D. Director

(This information furnished by Myles Twete)