OCCUPATION: Landscape Architect

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Worked as a landscape architect and environmental planner since 1972 with public agencies and private firms.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: B.S., Landscape Architecture, Rutgers College, 1972; M.S., Urban and Regional Planning, University of Florida, 1975

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Lake Oswego Planning Commission

I care deeply about our community. That is why I volunteered to work on the Lake Oswego Planning Commission nearly four years ago. I wanted to keep Lake Oswego a great place for my family to call home. I wanted to ensure a future for Lake Oswego that included more parks and natural spaces, town centers that remain vibrant economic and social gathering places, and keep traffic and other impacts from eroding the quality and safety of our neighborhoods. I have helped to develop recommendations for community projects that kept the momentum going in Lake Oswego, yet protected our quality of life.

As your city councilor I will bring 30 years of business and community involvement experience to the table, and a commitment to represent the interests of the people of Lake Oswego by:

  • Hear all viewpoints
  • Seeking solutions that satisfy many interests
  • “Getting the job done” by building relationships
  • Developing and adhering to budgets;
  • Leveraging local dollars through public/private partnerships

Empower Neighborhoods and Citizens.
I encourage the completion of neighborhood plans to make sure that growth does not bring with it traffic impacts and incompatible development.

Keep Lake Oswego green and kid-friendly.
I support expanding our parks and open space system and protecting our streams and shorelines. I will be an advocate for kid-friendly projects. I will work to free up money for public schools by developing a city/school district partnership.

Create opportunities for business to thrive.
I will promote Oswego’s unique business community with a “buy local” program. I will support the Foothills redevelopment to provide opportunity for new businesses, while creating jobs for local citizens and quality housing.

Frank Groznik his wife Tracy and 7-year old son, Max.

(This information furnished by Frank Groznik)



OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: College Lecturer; Economist, Federal Cost of Living Council

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: George Washington University, Post-Graduate, Economics; California State University at San Diego, M.A. Economics

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Current: Lake Oswego City Council; Metropolitan Area Communications Commission; Regional Emergency Management Group; Water Consortium Board; Liaison to Library Advisory Board. Past: Lake Oswego Arts Commission, Chair Public Art Committee; Citizens’ Budget Committee

Other Community Involvement:
League of Women Voters; OPB “Golden Hours”; Lakewood Center Re-runs; Women’s Coalition, Lake Oswego Neighborhood Action Coalition; Heritage Council; Three Rivers Land Conservancy.

“Building a Better Lake Oswego”

I’ve been a member of the City Council for the past 5 years. I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished:

  • Millennium Plaza Park…with special events, concerts, Farmers’ Markets, and recreation.
  • Lake View Village, with a City parking garage that was built on time, and on budget!
  • Zoning changes that help new homes fit compatibly into established neighborhoods.
  • Prudent budgeting.
  • Open space purchases.
  • Parks improvements.
  • Support for our schools during the funding crisis.
  • Sustainability elements in City operations.
  • Trails Master Plan.

My priorities for the next 4 years will be to:

  • Ease traffic problems by supporting the trolley and building a new Transit Center.
  • Provide additional parking as the downtown, Lake Grove Town Center, and Foothills areas re-develop.
  • Enlarge our traffic-calming toolkit.
  • Remember the special needs of our seniors. Enhance their transportation alternatives, including safe walking routes and shuttle services from the ACC. Site additional senior housing in our city.
  • Leverage scarce public investment dollars with private capital and private risk-taking as we re-develop.
  • Enhance communication with our neighborhoods. Adopt and implement more neighborhood plans.
  • Purchase additional open space and make more park improvements.
  • Listen to all sides of issues and find fair solutions that best serve the community.

I ask for your vote, and I will honor your trust.

(This information furnished by Ellie McPeak)


OCCUPATION: Retired Educator and part owner of a utilities construction company

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Commissioned Officer US Air Force; 1965-1972; Independent Insurance Agent; 1972-1987; Business Manager of Import/Export firm; 1987-1989; Business Manager or Superintendent of the Boring, Fossil, Jewell and Tigard-Tualatin School Districts; 1989-2001;

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Lake Oswego Public Schools; 12; Diploma; College Preparation; Willamette University; 16; BA; Economics; Lewis & Clark College; 19; Masters Degree; Public Administration;

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Lake Oswego School District Board of Directors; Lake Oswego School District Budget Advisory Committee

Lake Oswego is an exciting and progressive city with concerned citizens who want to be part of its life. I am one of those citizens and as such I believe that I can make an impact on city government.

As a lifelong resident I have a clear understanding of how the city has grown from its beginnings to what it is today. While I believe that city government is doing a good job, I know that it can do better.

I have a record of involvement in both the private and public sectors:

  • Elected member of the Lake Oswego School Board for 6 years – served as chairperson for 2 terms
  • Operated a family insurance agency for more than 15 years
  • Served as Business Manager or Superintendent of 4 different school districts

I have set the following three objectives as my areas of concern should I be elected:

  • Continue to strengthen the relationship between city government and its citizens
  • Reinforce cooperative ties with the Lake Oswego School District
  • Help to build a positive atmosphere for Lake Grove redevelopment
  • The citizens of this city deserve councilors that will listen to all sides of an issue and act in the best interests of all concerned.

Every vote is important and I ask for your support on November second.

Endorsed by:
Former Lake Oswego Mayors, Alice Schlenker, and C. Harold Campbell;


(This information furnished by Stidd for City Council Committee)


OCCUPATION: Retired; Adjunct Professor at Lewis and Clark College; Photographer

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Principal of River Grove Elementary, Lakeridge and Lake Oswego High Schools, History teacher at Lakeridge, Lake Oswego, and Klamath Union High Schools

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Portland State University, Graduate School, MA, Political Science; University of Oregon, Undergraduate, BS, Social Science; Lake Oswego High School, 12, Diploma

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: Lake Oswego City Council 2000-04

Thank you for allowing me to serve on the City Council for the past four years. Building on the work of previous councils, we have:

  • Protected the southern flank of the city from suburban sprawl, purchasing land to create a green belt in the Stafford area.
  • Adopted new infill codes to promote compatibility in neighborhood redevelopment.
  • Worked to create a more defined Lake Grove town center with support from local neighborhoods and businesses.
  • Encouraged the development of downtown Lake Oswego with Lake View Village, Farmers’ Market, Foothills Park on the Willamette River, the Headlee Walkway on Lakewood Bay, and the purchase the U.S. Bank building for the eventual expansion of the downtown plaza.
  • Worked with stakeholders for the redevelopment of the Foothills Road area to include a streetcar.
  • Encouraged “Arts Downtown”, music in the parks, and the creation of the William Stafford pathway along the river.
  • Encouraged environmentally friendly practices by city government including energy efficiency, recycling, hybrid vehicles, and the use of environmentally friendly materials.
  • Won national recognition for our beautification and community building efforts through America in Bloom.
  • Worked to implement the principles of the “Democracy Project” to improve communication within the incorporated and unincorporated areas of the city.
  • Improved the city’s financial stability by working to bring cost in line with revenue.

Priorities for the next four years include: Protecting neighborhood livability, traffic calming in neighborhoods, Foothills Road redevelopment and the streetcar, planning for the city’s centennial celebration, protecting our open space from degradation, and developing a neighborhood and business friendly Lake Grove town center.

(This information furnished by John Turchi)