OCCUPATION: Registered Dietitian; Motivational Interviewing consultant; Author; Health Behavior Researcher, retired

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Health Researcher, Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research, 32 years; Involved in designing, planning, and implementing behavioral clinical trials; Author/co-author of scientific articles and books regarding the relationship of diet and cardiovascular disease; Past President, Oregon Dietetic Association and Portland Dietetic Association

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: B.Sc., Dietetics and Institution Management, Oregon State University; R.D., Registered Dietitian, Miami Valley Hospital, Dayton, Ohio; M.H.A., Masters in Health Administration, University of Southern California

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: City of Gresham: Springwater Community Working Group; Regional: Johnson Creek Watershed Land-use Committee; National: National Institutes of Health, appointed to four Clinical Trial Intervention Design Committees

As your Councilor Shirley will:

Lead the city to maturity by

  • Developing a vision that prepares the city for growth
  • Supporting the development of a cultural arts center
  • Creating a feeling of pride that we live and work in Gresham

Work to improve the city’s financial stability by

  • Setting spending priorities and replenishing reserves to support infrastructure
  • Finding a source of funding for the fire department to ensure safety
  • Working with other east county cities to identify efficiency opportunities

Increase livability while promoting economic development by

  • Exploring and initiating a land-use vision that targets both land to develop and land to save for open space or parks
  • Attracting quality and viable businesses through the combination of financial stability, balanced growth and a land-use vision
  • Supporting the upgrade and development of parks

Encourage and increase citizen involvement

  • Citizens are critical to the city’s direction, health, and viability
  • Citizens help the City Councilor’s stay in touch with the communities needs and concerns, while promoting creativity
  • Elected officials need to both lead and listen

“I highly value your trust and vote. I will carefully weigh the issues to make informed decisions, while taking into consideration the needs and requests of the citizens.”
Shirley Craddick

(This information furnished by Shirley Craddick for Gresham City Council Committee)


OCCUPATION: Bookkeeper – United Brokers, Portland and a Small Business Owner, Hopkins Associates Inc.

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Accounting Assistant, LRS Architects: Third Party Billing, KinderCare Corporate Office: Bookkeeper, Horenstein & Duggan P.S.; Accounts Payable, ZGF Architects

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Accounting & Word Processing Mt Hood C.C., Northwest College of Business, Gresham High

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: City of Gresham Planning Commission, Transportation System Advisory Committee, Council Police Advisory Committee, Growth Management Committee

Cindy wants what you want!

She wants a safe environment for residents and business, Gresham to be a place to live, work, play and funding for Fire and Police. In particular, she wants:

  • Rockwood to once again became a safe and enjoyable place to raise a family and provide profitable business opportunities
  • Continued support for our Fire and Police by establishing stable long-term funding
  • Family wage jobs in Gresham
  • Fiscal accountability in all departments of the city
  • Citizen involvement at all levels of the city government
  • Political leaders to listen to its citizens
  • Improved north-south access
  • Safe and gang free neighborhoods

(This information furnished by Cynthia Hopkins)


OCCUPATION: Advocate for Elderly and Disabled People

OCCUPATIONAL BACKGROUND: Superintendent of Maintenance at a hospital; TV & Appliance repairman; Small business owner; Over-the-road truck driver; Welder.

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Devils Lake Junior College; North Dakota School of Science; Job Corps (TV & Appliance Repair & G.E.D.)

PRIOR GOVERNMENTAL EXPERIENCE: City of Gresham Transportation Advisory Committee (5 years); Central City Neighborhood Association (NA), President (4 years); Multnomah County Budget Committee for the District Attorneys’ Office (1995-present chairperson); Multnomah County Community Corrections Board (1993-1996); Oregon State Supreme Court Appointment to Citizens’ Review Board (1992-1995); Disability Advisory Council (Clatsop & Multnomah Counties); Special Needs Transportation Funds Chairman (TriMet, 1994-1988). Since 1988, many other boards, commissions & committees and National, State and local levels.

Bob Pung believes that:

  • Public Safety is the top priority when considering expenditures of the city’s limited revenue.
  • Parks maintenance and development must be improved.
  • Your ideas are important and should be considered.
  • That existing city codes should be rigorously enforced.
  • Elimination of gang activities is essential.
  • Greater consideration of the consequences of growth is required.
  • Traffic increase needs to be given greater consideration when contemplating city’s growth.
  • Family-wage jobs should be acquired to enhance livability.
  • Increasing franchise fees (the hidden taxes) must be curtailed.
  • Cost containments must be considered in budget development.

“Bob Pung has served on the District Attorney’s Citizen Budget Advisory Committee for the past nine years. Bob has been a tireless advocate for public safety and common sense government.”
Michael Schrunk,
Multnomah County District Attorney

Bob is endorsed by many including:

Lonnie Roberts, Multnomah County Commissioner;
Sharron Kelley, Former Multnomah County Commissioner;
Paul Thalhofer, Mayor of Troutdale;
Clint Holly, Vice President Central City N.A.
Rebecca Heuston, N.A. Activist;
Mary Martin, Real Estate Broker
Walt Pilot, former MHCC part-time instructor


(This information furnished by Bob Pung for City Council Committee)