Q: Am I registered to vote?
A: Check My Vote or call your county elections office. If you are currently registered anywhere in Oregon you can update your registration and get a ballot for your new address.

Q: I've moved. How do I get a ballot?
A: Ballots are not forwardable mail. If you are registered you can receive a ballot for the election by updating your registration to your current residence address. After Friday, Oct 31, you will need to come into the Elections office to receive a ballot for your new address. Please note, you must register at your place of residence. You can have your ballot sent to a separate mailing address, but we need to send you the correct ballot for your residence address.

Q: I want to change my party. How do I do that?
A: Voters can change party by updating their registration. The only time ballots are mailed separately by party is the Primary Election.

Q: When are ballots mailed out?
A: Ballots for voters in Multnomah County are mailed beginning 20-days before election day. Military and overseas voters are mailed ballots 45-days prior to the Election. Out-of-state voters are mailed ballots up to 29-days prior to the Election.

Q: I didn't get my ballot yet. What should I do?
A: Multnomah county voters who do not get a ballot should call 503-988-3720. After October 31, voters must go to their county elections office to get a replacement ballot. The Multnomah County Elections Office is located at 1040 SE Morrison Street, Portland.

Q: I didn't get my Voters' Pamphlet. How can I get one?
A: The Secretary of State mailed the Voters' Pamphlet to all residential households in Oregon. The Multnomah County Voters' Pamphlet is inserted in the State Voters' Pamphlet. Voters can pick up additional copies at most local post offices or your county elections office. Voters can call the Secretary of State's office at 1-866-ORE-VOTE to request another copy be mailed. You can also view the State and Multnomah County Voters' Guide online.

Q: I made a mistake on my ballot. What should I do?
A: Make your intent clear on the ballot. Each ballot is inspected to determine voter intent. Multnomah County voters who want a replacement ballot should call 503-988-3720.

Q: I signed the wrong return envelope. What should I do?
A: Cross off the signature and sign the correct envelope. The other voter can sign the other correct envelope. Voters must sign the correct return envelope or the ballot will not be counted. If the ballot has already been mailed Multnomah County elections will mail the voter a replacement ballot prior to Friday, Oct. 31. Voters can come in-person to Multnomah County Elections to sign the correct envelope, but should call first to check on ballot status.

Q: I forgot to use the secrecy envelope. What should I do?
A: The secrecy envelope is not required. You can open the return envelope and re-tape it, or choose not use the secrecy envelope.

Q: How much is return postage for the ballot?
A: Multnomah County voters who mail their ballot should use one 1st class stamp or forever stamp. Please remember to only include the ballot, secrecy envelope and the signed return envelope. Voters can also drop their ballot at any Official Drop Site in Oregon prior to 8:00 PM, November 4.
Multnomah County: Official Drop Sites

Q: I mailed my ballot and forgot to sign the return envelope. What should I do?
A: Multnomah County voters should call 503-988-3720. A ballot cannot be counted unless the return envelope is signed.

Q: When is the last date to safely mail my ballot?
A: The last date for Multnomah County voters to safely mail the ballot is Friday, Oct. 31. After that date, voters should use an official drop site. Remember, ballots must be at an official drop site or Election office by 8:00 PM, Nov. 4. Postmarks do not count!

Q: Can I wear my campaign material such as a button or shirt?
A: When conducting Election business at a County Elections office, individuals may wear campaign material such as buttons or shirts as a means of personal expression. However, electioneering (including circulating any cards or handbills, or soliciting of signatures to any petition) is prohibited within 100 feet from any entrance to the Elections office. (ORS 260.695)

Q: I had someone come to my door to collect my ballot. Is that legal?
A: Oregon Law allows anyone to collect ballots. (ORS 260.695) However, the law requires that anyone collecting ballots must clearly state unofficial on the collection box. Oregon Law requires that the lettering on the unofficial drop box be at least 50 point bold font size and in all caps. Election officials discourage voters from using unofficial drop sites. Voters are encouraged to mail the ballot until the Friday before the election or use any Official Drop Site in Oregon.

Q: I voted and returned my ballot. Was my ballot received?
A: To see the status of your ballot check My Vote or call Multnomah County Elections at 503-988-3720.

Q: When are election results available?
A: Unofficial results are available beginning at 8:00 PM on November 4. Updates continue throughout the evening and the next date. Official results are certified up to 20 days after election day.