Observers watching the opening boards during the November 2020 General Election.Opportunities for observation - Protecting the Integrity of Elections

Oregon has a proud tradition of open, accessible and fair elections. Voter fraud is rare but taken seriously. If you believe someone has violated Oregon elections law, contact the State Elections Division. Every complaint will be investigated, and violations will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Oregon supports unparalleled transparency. Observers play an important role in the elections process and provide an objective review of the vote counting process. The public is welcome to observe either through their local party or on their own. Due to room space requirements, observers may need to rotate through observation areas of the building. If you have more questions about election observation, please contact us. To volunteer as an election observer with your local party, please contact your local political party. If you wish to observe on your own, you can visit the Elections office anytime during open hours.

Room Descriptions


Most of the processes below occur during a 20-day window before Election day as ballots are returned and for about a week after Election day.

  • Public Test - Logic & accuracy test of mail ballot scanning and tabulation equipment.

  • Signature verification

  • Ballot opening

  • Ballot scanning

  • Ballot adjudication

  • Administrative Hand Count


 If you'd like to take a tour of the Elections office, please call our office or complete this online form to request a tour.