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Precinct Data from 2013

Precinct Maps from 2013

The maps below show precincts by state representative district. Below that, are individual maps of each precinct. Maps updated 2013. Maps available at our office to purchase. Map size is ANSI D and the cost is $5.00/map. If you don't see the map you are looking for please contact Multnomah County Elections by phone at 503-988-3720 or by email at

Precinct Maps by State Representative District - updated 2013

Precinct Maps - updated 2013

Precinct Maps with Districts and other information

Precinct Changes - After redistricting, all precinct numbers were changed to reflect the State House District. Precinct boundaries were adjusted to the new political and district lines. Some precincts were adjusted again in 2013 with new MESD zones and to bring the number of registered voters under 5,000 registered voters per precinct.