Oregon's voter registration deadline for new Oregon residents is 21-days before Election Day. Updates to registration information can be made through Election Day. More registration information is listed below.

  1. Am I registered to vote?
  2. Register to vote
  3. Update your registration
  4. Absentee, military or overseas registration
  5. Cancel my registration
  6. Where can I find voter registration cards?
  7. Other registration information

Am I registered to vote?

  • Check or update your voter registrationPlease note, if you are under 18 years old or a confidential voter, you will not be able to check the status of your registration online. If you recently registered, your information may not show online yet. To verify your registration status, please call 503-988-VOTE (8683). 

Register to vote iconRegister to vote

  • Register to vote online using the Oregon Secretary of State's My Vote if you are at least 16 years old, a resident of Oregon, and a citizen of the United States. An Oregon driver's license or state ID card issued by the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is required to register online.

Update your registration

  • Address change - If you are already registered in Oregon and only changing your residence or mailing address (local or overseas), update your address here.
  • Party affiliation change - Update your party affiliation by completing a new registration card online or print.
  • Name change - Complete a  new print registration card so that we have your new signature on record.

Send your vote home iconAbsentee, military or overseas registration

Absentee ballots are available 45 days before the election. You must complete the Absentee Ballot Request Application, print it and sign it. You can return the completed and signed application to us by mail, fax, e-mail (as an attachment) or deliver it in person. 

Multnomah County Duniway-Lovejoy Elections Building
1040 SE Morrison St., Portland, OR 97214
Phone: 503-988-8683 | Fax: 503-988-3719
Email: elections@multco.us

I will be away from my home on Election Day...

  1. But still within the United States
               a. Absentee Ballot Request Application
               b. or if you have an Oregon Drivers license you can update online at My Vote.
  2. Because I am a military or overseas voter.

Please contact Multnomah County Elections for assistance at elections@multco.us. You can return your voted ballot in the mail on or before Election Day. Your mailed ballot must be postmarked on or before Election Day in order to count. You can also return your voted ballot to any Official Ballot Drop Site in Oregon by 8:00 p.m. on Election Day.

Cancel my registration

  • To cancel your Oregon voter registration in Multnomah County, please email, mail or fax us a signed Cancellation Form (61.06 KB). Please note, cancelled registration records are public records under Oregon's public records laws.
  • If you have moved out-of-state and are registering in your new state it is helpful if you list your previous Oregon registration information. The new state will then notify us. You can also send us a signed Cancellation Form (140 KB) by email, fax or by mail.
  • If you wish to report a deceased person who was registered in Multnomah County, please send a copy of the death certificate to Multnomah County elections by mail, fax or by e-mail as a scanned document.

Where can I find voter registration cards?

Other registration information