Map of the Portland Community College District in Multnomah CountyWhy Didn't I Get a Ballot for the November 2017 Election?

The November 7, 2017 Election was a Special Election. There are four scheduled election dates each year in Oregon: the 2nd Tuesday in March; the 3rd Tuesday in May; the 3rd Tuesday in September; and the 1st Tuesday after the first Monday in November.  Jurisdictions can place measures on the ballot at any of these election dates.

In Multnomah County, only registered voters in the Portland Community College (PCC) District area received a ballot for the November 2017 Special Election. The two other measures on the ballot were also part of the PCC District area. Those ballot measures were for the Hillsboro School District and the Alto Park Water District

The PCC measure was a Property Tax Bond Measure that only taxpayers in the PCC district pay for. Only registered voters who live in the PCC district were eligible to vote on this tax measure. Taxpayers outside of the PCC district do not pay property taxes for this tax measure.   

In Multnomah County, voters outside of the PCC District did not have any candidates or measures to vote on for the November 2017 Special Election. 

The next scheduled election, where all registered voters in Oregon will be receiving a ballot, is the Jan. 23, 2018 Special Election. Ballots for that election will be mailed out on Jan. 3, 2018.

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