Alice Busch
Photo of Alice Busch

Alice Busch, EMT, CEM
Training, Community Education and Engagement, Public Information and Response Operations
Cell: 971-563-3051
Desk Phone: 503-988-6552
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Alice is an Incident Command System trainer and coordinates the Community Education and Engagement Program of MCEM and serves as the Public Information Officer for MCEM. If you are interested in hosting a community education event/presentation please fill out our request form. If you encounter any issues with this form or have questions, please feel free to reach out to Alice directly.

Alice started her career in the fire service in 1991. During her 21 years with the fire department, Alice served as an Emergency Manager, Emergency Medical Technician, Public Information and Education Officer, Social Services Liaison, Critical Incident Stress Manager, Fire Inspector, and Fire Investigator. Prior to her roles with MCEM, Alice worked as an Emergency Manager for the Department of County Human Services, DCHS. Her work involved Mass Care and Sheltering, Continuity of Operations, Disaster Behavioral Health, and Donations and Volunteer Management planning. 

Alice has completed numerous federal, state and local disaster courses, holds a Bachelor’s in Communications/Advertising, and is currently pursuing an Executive Masters degree in Public Administration. 

Alice’s service has spanned a breadth of Incident Command positions on both exercises and incidents and brings her contagious enthusiasm for disaster resilience with her to every meeting and presentation.