Multnomah County Emergency Management hosts and sponsors a variety of personal and community preparedness classes.  All are open to the public and are offered free-of-charge.  View calendar events.

Business and Community Disaster Resilience

Culturally Specific Disaster Preparedness Training
Culturally Specific Disaster Preparedness Training

Think about it. Talk about it. Train to DO IT!

Contact us and we will help answer your disaster resilience questions!

Ready to get started with your disaster preparedness? Download one of our Earthquake Primers. This short, easy to read workbook uses the Cascadia Subduction Zone Earthquake as an example of why having a conversation with our loved ones is such an important first step. The Earthquake Primers are in 11 languages and make disaster resilience simple by providing questions that, once answered, create your disaster plan!

Have a meaningful conversation with your loved ones.

  • Where will you find each other after a disaster? Having more than one location is a great idea.
  • Do you have backup transportation methods and routes?
  • Who will care for the kids, grandparents, and/or pets if you’re stuck on the other side of the river?
  • Do you have an out of state contact?