Little girl standing near earthquake debris

The Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP) Program, which includes Continuity of Government (COG), coordinates efforts to establish policy and guidance to ensure the execution of mission-essential functions for Multnomah County in the event that an emergency threatens or incapacitates operations.  These efforts include planning for the relocation of selected personnel and functions of any essential facilities.

What is Continuity of Operations?

It is effort within departments and agencies to ensure the continued performance of minimum essential functions during a wide range of potential emergencies. Essentially, it is the capability of maintaining the business of government under all eventualities. This is accomplished through the development of plans, comprehensive procedures, and provisions for alternative facilities. Personnel, resources, interoperable communications, and vital records/databases.  It is insuring that the personnel, equipment and facilities are available to carry out the essential functions required to keep the government programs operating.

What is Continuity of Government?

Continuity of Government is a critical element for the successful implementation of COOP Plans.  It is the preservation, maintenance, or reconstitution of the institution of government. It is the ability to carry out an organization’s constitutional responsibilities. This accomplished through succession of leadership, the pre-delegation of emergency authority and active command and control. It is insuring that leadership and authority are in place to support and manage the continued operation of essential government programs.

Additional information and more in-depth guidance regarding Continuity Planning can be obtained utilizing the links and references below:

Continuity Guidance Circular from FEMA

Continuity Assessment Tool from FEMA (XLS)

CBO COOP Toolkit (400.96 KB)